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Half Moon Manicure

For better of worse i’ve always been a girly girl.  On my first birthday I wouldn’t touch the special alphabet block cake my mom spent hours making, so she took my hand and smooshed it into the frosting to get things started.  The next four photos in the sequence go something like this: Me wrenching my hand from the cake, looking at the sticky frosting coating my tiny fingers with an adorably befuddled expression,  me then bursting into tears, and finally my mom laughing as she cleaned my hands off. My mom still calls me “Prissy Britches” from time to time.

I’ve come a long way since then, but I still have quirks. Little things like wrinkled clothes, untidy eyebrows and chipped nail polish make me a little twitchy. Since I just can’t seem to make a manicures last, 9 times out of 10 my nails go unpolished.  Lately, i’ve been thinking about trying to do at home manicures once or twice a month, just for fun. This nail tutorial by blogger Keiko Lynn seems like it might be a fun and pretty easy way to get started.


Step by Step:

Images from here.

A Little Yay!

So I never do a double post, but I forgot to tell you guys about the funny little gift Andy picked up for me this weekend.  The back story is, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to get my monthly pedicure. My last pedicure was a chipped mess, and our hotel room in Atlanta had a surprisingly large tub, so Andy bought me the stuff to have a mini spa night.  The nail polish he gave me was called “Trophy Wife”. I think he may have picked it just because of the name. He is always asking me when I’m going to strike it rich and let him be a kept man.

I did both my fingernails and toenails. The nails on my hands are already a little banged up, but I think another color coat and a top coat might give them a bit more longevity.  The color is a greener variation of the Tempted By Teal, that I previously reviewed, and the shift is almost an emerald hue. I think it will definitely be a big part of my summer color rotation. There is something so beach-y about teals and brighter blues.

Sephora & OPI

I love buying nail polish, which is a little strange considering due to the amount of typing, crafting and baking I can never keep a polish chip free for more than a day. My toes fare a little better, since I try to get at least one pedicure a month.  As i’ve gotten older, I have become a bit of a polish snob, I am extremely picky about the brands i’ll use, and right now I am favoring Essie and OPI and since OPI makes an exclusive Sephora line I have been stocking up on the some of the more interesting shades.  When the Garden of Good and Evil collection debuted I was a little torn. Most of the colors are not really what I normally wear, I lean more towards deep reds, violets, and almost blacks, but I was curious enough to give them a try.

To the amusement of the ladies working at my local Sephora, I used the testers to give my self a rainbow manicure and then decided what colors I wanted to invest in. I had pictures, but my nails were in really poor shape by the time I had my camera back in hand.

Finally, after much debate and inner turmoil (I kid you not) I ended up with the sample pack and a regular size of the Designer Fig Leaf, so here is my review:

Designer Fig Leaf: An opaque metallic olive green, probably my favorite of the bunch. I would recommend a minimum of two coats for nails Poison Ivy would be proud of.

Completely Fern-ished: A matte olive green that is exclusive to the sample pack, while I like it, it sort of looks like the other green’s ugly sister by comparison.

Eve-y On the Eyes: A really lovely cool shimmery fuchsia, something that would be great on any skin tone.

Tempted by Teal: A bright iridescent teal that shifts gold and silverish, almost exactly like Mermaid to Order, which is one of my favorite summer shades, but a little less opalescent.

Frankly I Don’t Give A-Dam: A matte light grey that was surprisingly feminine, I will be picking up the full size on my next shopping trip.

Overall I really think this collection has something for everyone, and the sample pack is a great way to try some colors that you may not usually wear. It’s definitely inspired me to branch out from my red-purple safety net, and i’ve received lots of complements on my new green nails.