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The NC Zoo

When Andy and I took our big NC Thanksgiving trip, we got to see a lot of our favorite people and go to a few of our favorite NC places. One of those combinations was visiting the NC Zoo with Andy’s parents.

NC21 NC23
Andy’s parents are lifetime members, so Andy and his siblings have been visiting this zoo for literally decades. It was one of the first family traditions they included me in after he and I started dating. ¬† NC22 NC17 NC18
I’d like to think that I bring a little something extra to the trips. After all, how many almost-30-year-olds do you see hiding out in giant gourds? NC16
Since this was my 3rd visit, I was eager to visit my favorite animals from previous visits and see how they were doing. The Arctic Fox was solidly in his summer coat (brown) the last time I was there, so it was really interesting to see him almost completely transitioned into his fluffy white winter duds. NC19 NC25
The otter was curled up in a sunbeam and was not even remotely interested in playing or scooting out of his nest long enough for people to get pictures, so I made do with the sculpture near his exhibit. It is one of my favorites in the park. The sea lions and seals however were having a blast chasing each other around their enclosure. Lots and lots of adorable antics to entertain the small, but steady stream of visitors trooping through their area. NC20 NC14 NC15
The desert dome was the perfect place to warm up a bit after walking around outside. Sadly, my favorite resident, the Ocelot, was not there. He was getting acclimated to the new outdoor enclosure that was recently built but not yet open to the public. I did get to see the adorable Ringtail pictured above. Her handler was out when we where there and she told us all about Willow.NC9 NC10 NC3 NC13 NC12 NC11
Elk derp. Evidently, that branch was the best scratching branch in the entire world.
So many gorgeous flowers were blooming in the aviary. I ended up with more pictures of them than of the birds.NC6 NC4 NC5NC1 NC7It was a really nice day; perfect weather and lots of laughter. It was sad not being able to see Andy’s parents¬†on Thanksgiving Day, but we were really grateful that we still had the chance to see them.