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Sometimes you just need a little something special…

The first time I ever walked into an Anthropologie I couldn’t believe that so many pretty uniquely wonderful things could exist in the same space. Unfortunately (or fortunately in my bank accounts case), there isn’t one close by so I only get to wander around in one once or twice a year. That doesn’t stop me from browsing online when I feel the need to see something special. Right now I am loving their necklaces. My wardrobe contains a lot of solids and neutrals that can be dressed up or down for work. A lot of the visual interest comes from accessories. Scarves and statement necklaces are my two top go-to options. Here are a few of the necklaces that I wish would make their way into my jewelry box.

Necklace1 Necklace7 Necklace2 Necklace5 Necklace3 Necklace6 Necklace4 Necklace8

The butterfly wings on necklaces 3&4 are so delicate and  wonderfully fairytale-esqe, and that first necklace? I could wear sweat pants and a ratty tshirt and still look amazing. There may be some subtle hinting directed toward my husband in the near future. My birthday is right around the corner after all.


All images from Anthropologie.

Holiday Necklaces

This the season to celebrate and sparkle! With holiday parties peppering the next few weeks, this is the perfect time to add some bling to your winter wardrobe, but where to start? Buying the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list can leave you a bit short on funds, so instead of trying to find a different outfit for every event (you know for the sake of facebook photos and all) you can make that LBD go a lot further by putting the focus on your accessories. One of my absolute favorite accessories the moment is the statement necklace; added bonus, it photographs really well. To help you find the right necklace for you, I’ve picked out a few of my favorites and organized them into categories.


Holiday Necklace Dark

1. Cordelia Gem Collar 2. Chain Tracks Gunmetal Rhinestone Necklace 3. Mixed Stone Curb Chain Necklace 4. Noir Nature Necklace 5. Beaded Crystal Bib

Holiday Necklace Ribbon

1. Delta Dusk Bib 2. Ribbon Back Bib 3.Rhinestone Tassel Ribbon Necklace 4.Ribbon Pearl Petal Collar 5.Jasmine Ribbon Necklace

Holiday Necklace Wreath

1. Crystal Garland Strand 2. Faceted Bead Wrapped Cord Collar 3. Pave Stone Necklace 4. All Over Mixed Stone Necklace 5.Rose Headdress Collar

Holiday Necklace Pearl

1. Pearls Please Necklace 2. Rockefeller Tassel Bib 3. Pearl & Fringe Chain Necklace 4. Pearlized Spike Necklace 5. Pearlized Blush Necklace

Now go forth and have yourself a bold stylish holiday season.


Maleficent comes out this weekend! I haven’t been this excited since Alice in Wonderland, and I am seriously thinking about dressing up and wearing a flower crown. No matter how old I get, I think i’ll be a Disney girl at heart; I mean Tangled is one of my main go-to sad/sick day movies. If I wasn’t excited enough already, one of my classmates from college works at HSN and posted about their Maleficent event on Facebook. Lots of beautiful things, especially the Maleficent Jewelry Collection. My favorite are, of course, the elaborate necklaces.


Pretty Shiny Happy Things for Me!

It’s Friday and I could not be happier. Going to have two whole days off with nothing to do, no where to go and lots of sleeping in. It will be glorious. The weekend even kicked off a bit early with the awesomeness, I got my Catbird charms in the mail last night! Andy told me to order them for myself as a reward for not stabbing anyone with a Bic pen during tax season. I am down right giddy. I did my best to open the package slowly and take some pictures with my phone along the unwrapping process.

Cat Bird 4 Cat Bird 3 Cat Bird 2 Cat Bird 5 Cat Bird 1

I am a sucker for elaborate packaging, I know they do it for everyone, but it still makes me feel special. I ended up getting a silver moon with a “J”(for my name) and a star with an “A”(for Andy’s name), the chain is one I already had, but the over all effect is exactly what I wanted. If Catbird is still selling these charms in a few years Andy suggested buying additional stars for every child we have, but getting them in gold. Plain gold for a boy, and rose gold for a girl. I fully support the giving of gifts to pregnant women, they’re growing a human being inside of them, nothing beats that. “Oh, you went grocery shopping and picked up the dry cleaning? Well, I grew a tiny pair of lungs.” As the ultimate multi-taskers they deserve to get whatever they want, whenever they want it for the full nine months. Just saying.