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The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Sliding back into the Halloween spirit after all of the intensity with Hurricane Michael has been tough, but I am slowly but surely starting to feel a bit of the excitement again. One of the things I have been doing is watching the new Netflix show The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. While this show isn’t Halloween specific, save for one holiday themed episode, Ms. McConnell’s aesthetic is very Tim Burton meets Martha Stewart, and her nightmarish bakes and DIY’s are perfect for this time of year.Before the Netflix show came out, I was only vaguely aware of her work. I’d seen a few things on her Instagram account and I knew that there was a book, but I had no idea how elaborate her world was. 
Of all the creepy things she makes, these little Caramel Nut Spiders are the thing that truly made me shudder. Spiders are one of my biggest fears, and holy crap, do these look too really for comfort. She even ate one – there was an audible crunching sound; it was awful.Spiders aside, there were some very cool edible creations like the cookie spirit boards and the chocolate tea set.Christine is joined in her twisted domesticity by a number of colorful characters such as Rose, a reanimated taxidermy project, Rankle, a mystical mummified former Eqyptian diety, Edgar, a flesh hungry werewolf-eqse creature, not to mention the handsome and murderous Norman. Oh yeah, and a ghostly Dita Von Tease (Vivienne) lives in her mirror. 
So much fun, and I have to tip my hat to Netflix for such a timely release. For all of you creepy crafters out there, you absolutely need to add this to your watch list.

More about Christine McConnell here

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I am sick today but…

I have to tell you about my new favorite way to convalesce. The first part (couch, cats, blanket & tea) is still the same, but instead of my stand by movies (Under the Tuscan Sun, Chocolate & Pride and Prejudice), I have a new love – The Great British Baking Show. It showed up on my Netflix queue, and my day has been that much better for it.


The food is incredible, and the contestants are really enjoyable to watch. There isn’t any of the maneuvering or sabotaging that you see in a lot of American contests. You are really pulling for these guys, and when you see their masterpieces emerge from the oven in golden baked perfection, you’re truly excited and happy for them.


The show has also reminded me that there are so many beautiful baked goods that I have yet to attempt. I may make a pretty mean cupcake, but there is so much more I want to learn. Now all I have to do is get some rest so I can get off the couch and back into the kitchen.

If you love baking and have Netflix, you should absolutely check this show out. If you want to learn a bit more about the show you can check out these three Buzzfeed features (one, two & three).

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Chef’s Table on Netflix

Two weekends ago I ended up binge watching the new Netflix mini series Chef’s Table. It has been in my queue since it came out in April, but since it was one of those things I knew Andy would rather me watch on my own, I wanted to wait until he was off doing fun manly stuff. Poor guy, he only missed an episode and a half, I was so into it that I had to watch the rest that very evening.

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It was crazy cool to see how these incredibly talented chefs make their culinary magic. Becoming masters of technique before deciding that technique and the culinary world could kiss their collective tushies, then transforming themselves into these amazing artistes that give you food to experience rather than merely eat. Granted, there were a few “oh, wow – that’s gross” moments for me, talking about raising veal and staking out whole lamb carcasses over a outdoor fire…yeah, considering I’ve never eaten veal and I haven’t eaten any land animals in almost three years…clearly not for me. But 90% of the content was insanely cool.

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Out of all of the six episodes, episode one was my absolute favorite. Not really the food part, even though that was an impressive display to kick off the series, but the personality of the chef. Yes, there was the ego that generally comes along with greatness, but after all the acclaim and all the awards and decades of people kowtowing to his greatness, he absolutely believes he could have never done it without his wife. The dynamic between the two of them was great; he is the absentminded chef who daydreams his way through movies, drawing inspiration from memories, taxidermy pigeons and dropped plates, and she is the one that helps him communicate what’s in his head to the rest of the world. To get all mushy and sentimental, they are a couple that by loving and bearing witness to one another’s lives, create something that is leaps and bounds beyond he sum of their parts. Not two halves of one soul or the piece needing to complete the other, but one and one equaling 3 rather than two (okay, more life 5 in this case, but you get the idea). I told Andy about all of this, and he hugged me, laughed, and said he loved me. Which is pretty much our relationship 😉