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Sometimes it’s just for you…

I know the main purpose of nighties and the like are to attract a significant (or non-significant, I don’t judge) other, but sometimes it’s nice to buy something that is pretty just for you. I love getting the holiday Victoria Secret catalog because it not only has all sorts of gorgeous options (fresh off the runway), but they also have warmer options that areĀ  just as cute. I got mine in the mail yesterday. If that wasn’t bad enough, Anthropolgie then sends me an email enticing me to check out their new “holiday” additions the their intimatesĀ  section, and you guys know how I am about Anthropologie.


Slip 4

Slip 5

Slip 1

Slip 7

Slip 6

What’s a girl to do?

*Side note: I did break down and buy this adorable lavender bra from VS, it has sparkles!


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