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Duck Donuts

On our recent trip to North Carolina, Andy and I discovered a wonderful new place to procure donuts when visiting his parents. Well…”discovered” might not be accurate, we actually learned about the chain from my brother in law; he and his wife had first encountered the chain when they were visiting the Outer Banks, and while we were all trying to find somewhere to go to dinner, he realized there were not one but two locations with in easy driving distance from our hotel. Donuts and adorable water fowl? I was definitely game for a trip.

I will admit I was a tiny bit trepidatious when we walked into this little shop. I know donuts are sugary and insipid, but this place was so damn pink and cheery. I’ve become a bit of a snob in my ripe old age, and I like my bakeries/restaurants a little more “small town local” and just this side of hipster-y. But we were already there and I was so tired at this point, so I figured “why the hell not”.
To give the place a fair shake, we ordered two of their pre-designed donuts (cinnamon sugar and blueberry pancake) and did two build your own (lemon blackberry & chocolate peanut butter). At this point, I got a little…well…pissy watching the two highschoolers haphazardly dumping toppings on our order and slapping our box together willy-nilly (I sound like such a grumpy old lady!), so by the time we got our order, I wasn’t even interested in trying the donuts and I put them in the back of our car so we could enjoy them as a road snack later… aka when I was in a better mood.
After all that, I’ll be damned if those donuts weren’t pretty freakin’ awesome. 5 out of 5 stars, would go again, highly recommend. We both liked the blueberry pancake the best, closely followed by the lemon blackberry. I am actually sad that this place is a 10 hour drive away. Oh well, holidays in the NC just got that much better. 

The take away from this: I’m a mean old grumpy pants when I’m sleep deprived and under the weather, and I should always trust my brother in law when it comes to awesome places to eat.

Folk Art & Family Time

As most of you know, Andy and I recently spent a wonderfully chilly week in North Carolina. For the first part of the trip, we were in the small mountain town of Murphy visiting my mom and her family. We fit a lot into three days despite the dreary weather, one of first stops was the Holiday Folk Art Festival at John C. Campbell Folk School.

The bulk of the event was set up in the Keith House, which is where the school also teaches Contra dancing and hosts musical events.

Not only were there all manner of awesome crafts, the school was decked out for the holidays. Of course there were no store bought trappings for these dedicated artisans, only gorgeous handmade pieces would do.

Admittedly, I am always a little more interested in the jewelry than some of the other crafts at events like these, but some of the vendors surpassed even my high expectations.

These bracelets are tiny seed beads woven into elaborate patterns. Absolutely gorgeous and I don’t even want to think about how long it took to create them.

I picked up one of these Swarovski studded snowflakes for a friend; I would have bought the entire tree if I could have (Fox Den Designs, NC).

Holiday shopping aside, I did break down and buy these incredible hand wrought copper calla lily earrings for myself. They also had dogwood blossoms, which would normally be right up my alley, but something about these delicate bells called to me. I’ve worn them every day since (Stuart Nye).

The weather was pretty awful: cold, rainy and more than a little muddy. Everyone was holding their coats close and umbrellas high as we dashed from building to building.

At first, I felt horrible for this poor little guy; he was wet and cold, and he had the saddest brown eyes. I felt a little less bad after I noticed he was well fed and had a collar. Even less so after he used those eyes to con some of my fellow event goers out of half a hot dog and two biscuits, which were promptly eaten and then said pitiful puppy trotted happily away, tail up and everything.

It was a lot of fun talking to the local artisans and seeing the incredible pieces they spend their days creating. I’d love to come back and take some classes, perhaps during the summer when I can take a few vacations days. Now I only have to decide what I want to learn first.

Home again, home again…

Andy and I are officially back in Tallahassee. We ended up having one of those crazy world wind trips that are over before you know it, but still leave you feeling like you’ve been away from home for weeks instead of days. We drove to Ashville on Friday night after work, and spent most of Saturday with my brother. We spent the morning driving and hiking to couple of the more popular waterfalls in the area, and then had a late lunch at the Early Girl Eatery and did some shopping downtown.

Murphy Weekend 5 Murphy Weekend 10 Murphy Weekend 6

There was only a .06 mile hike, via a well maintained and well marked trail, to the falls, so my brother and I didn’t bother to change out of our flip flops. That and our t-shirts earned us a few strange looks from the real hikers that were bundled up against the freezing 65 degree weather, and carrying enough gear to last them a week in the wilderness. Clearly we don’t take our outdoors adventures seriously.Murphy Weekend 9 Murphy Weekend 8 Murphy Weekend 4 Murphy Weekend 7 Murphy Weekend 2 Murphy Weekend 1 Murphy Weekend 3

Unfortunately, I didn’t any other pictures for the rest of the trip, but it was all pretty uninteresting. Multiple trips to Home Depot and Walmart to get painting/cleaning supplies and then lots of painting and wallpaper scrapping. I am looking forward to some serious sleeping in this weekend.