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The More You Know…

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the Tank of Gas feature on TripAdvisor. I am a big fan of day trips and mini adventures so this feature seemed right up my alley. In the interest of starting small, I went for points of interest that could be reached with a quarter of a tank of gas or less. To be completely honest, not all of the 10 options generated were worth the drive, but one of the cooler things I found was that Thomasville, a town I find myself driving to every few months, had a giant oak tree. We’re not talking “oh yeah, I guess that’s big”; we’re talking “holy shit, that’s a big tree!” This weekend Andy and I decided to drive over to check it out.

Tree4 Tree3 Tree7
The full photo doesn’t really do it justice. It looks like a regular tree until you walk closer and you start to realize how much tree there really is.

Tree6 Tree9 Tree8

The thing that blew my mind wasn’t how tall this tree was, but how far it reached. You could have a dinner party for 30 under it’s branches and everyone would have plenty of elbow room.  Actually, a dinner party under this tree would be pretty awesome; perhaps I’ll have to arrange to go back for a picnic while the weather is still nice.

Tree13 Tree12 Tree5

You could tell that the town is very proud of their tree. Many of the branches get a little extra support from specially placed bars an cable.

Tree11 Tree14 Tree1
There was a definite Ferngully moment walking around underneath the canopy. With all of the greenery growing along the larger branches, there are lots of nooks that look cool and comfy enough to curl up with a book or to take an afternoon nap. Unfortunately, there are a couple well placed signs that remind visitors that climbing is not allowed.

Tree2 Tree10

I spent quite a while walking around taking pictures under the canopy. It was a little sad when we emerged back into the sunlight and started walking back to our car. I didn’t wave, but I may have called goodbye to the tree.