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When I am sick…



I didn’t post on Friday, again. Because I was sick, again. I think life just finally caught up with me. I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep, my doctor and I have been trying to step down the dosage of my migraine meds, huge deadline looming at the office, allergies and of course, cat shenanigans. If it was only one or two of these things, I’d probably have been fine, but all together…not so much. I did manage to pull it together for a few hours on Friday for Andy’s birthday dinner, but the rest of the weekend I spent sleeping or curled up on the couch, or sleeping curled up on the couch. Nothing says quality together time like trying to play video games with your wife snoring next to you.  Like everyone else, I hate being sick. I get grumpy and feel sorry for myself, which is load of fun to be around, let me tell you.  Over the years, I’ve discover certain things that make the situation a little more bearable. As soon as I start to feel poorly Andy pulls out the list and battens down the hatches.

Julie’s Mopey-Pants Sick List:

  • The quilt my grandpa gave me when I went away to college – partially for nostalgic reasons (it has been on the end of my bed since 2004) and it’s been washed a bazillion times so it’s crazy soft and snuggly.
  • My pillow – not a throw pillow, or any other pillow in the house, MY pillow, with a clean cotton pillow case.
  • Apple Juice – I don’t know why, but I always want it.
  • Cold water – To stay hydrated
  • A very large glass with a very long straw – Large heavy glass because it holds more and it’s harder to knock over. Straw so I don’t have to unfold myself from whatever strange ball I’ve curled into.
  • Make the house as dark and cool as possible – perfect habitat for sleeping and hiding under/in lots of blankets.
  • Yoga pants and tank top – preferable that I’ve owned for a while. Soft and stretchy, they allow me to comfortably fold myself into the aforementioned strange ball.
  • Easy entertainment – A book or movie that I’ve seen/read before so I find it distracting enough to keep me from dwelling on how bad I feel, but I won’t be upset if I fall sleep and miss something.

So that’s my list, a little silly, but it works. On an unrelated note: Octavian is doing much better, he is at the vet today so they can do a glucose curve. Basically they’ll give him his morning food and insulin and then draw blood every two hours to make sure his levels don’t dramatically drop or spike. If everything works out, we can keep him on his current regiment, if not they’ll have to adjust his dosage and probably do this again in a week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Missing the furry babies…

Andy and I are having an absolute blast, good food, beautiful cities and lots of sleeping in.  The only downside is being away from our furry little ones.  Fortunately my new brother-in-law, Matt, has been gracious enough to care for them in our absence.  I am expecting a good two or three days of furry shunning when we get back.  And for future reference let me introduce you to the gang.

Jasmine (aka Jasacoon, Miss Jazzy Pants, Pants, Snort, Squish, Daddy’s Angel, Evil Ball of Furry Fury)

Andy’s youngest, and the spoiled princess of the bunch.  Very pretty, a little spacey and pretty sure that I  am one of the worst things that has ever happened to her.  The only time she ever wants anything to do with me is when she is punishing Andy or when it’s really cold and I am in possession of the fuzzy blanket.

Stanely (aka Stanley Manly, Fearsome Warrior, Stanley Fritz, “Agh what just bit me?”)

My youngest, he was the result of a very long battle with the local humane society that resulted in me moving out of my old apartment two weeks early.  He was a week from being put down and after I saw his sad little face I just knew that he had to be mine.  It’s been an interesting couple of years, he has gone from a quiet meek mannered little guy to a fearsome warrior that strikes fear into the heart of laser pointers and unguarded toesies everywhere.

Puff (H.R. Puff-n-Stuff, Mr. Puff, Dr. Puff, Vomit-breathing-dragon)

Andy’s oldest, he is the much contested alpha of the apartment.  While he isn’t a huge fan of other males he is a shameless flirt with any female feline or otherwise that enters his domain.  Unfortunately, as cute and snuggley as he can be, he is the only one of our fearsome foursome that has some major gastrointestinal issues, and as Andy puts it “the reason we can’t have nice things.” In summation, he is the reason we are looking for a home with hardwood floors or tile.

Octavian (aka Doodle, Bunk, Bunky, Bunky-doodle, Octobunk, and Doodlestein)

My oldest, and my main fluffy man.  He has been my little furry guy since I rescued him from a tree and a very large dog my senior year of high school.  I may have saved him once, but he has been the reason I’ve pulled myself out of bed many a time.  Mostly because he demands food as soon as the sun is up, but you know what I mean.  He also thinks that I have been making nothing but horrible choices in the last two years, first Andy, then new fuzzy brothers and sister and now this evil thing called diet? Clearly, I’ve lost my mind.

And that is our little rag tag bunch of misfits, and I am missing their cute little disdainful faces right now.

Sleepy Tuesday

I don’t think I triple shot of expresso and the promise of new shoes would have made getting out of bed any easier this morning.  I just haven’t been sleeping well the last few days and it is starting to takes its toll. I even found myself being jealous of Octavian (one of my cats), he was dozing so comfortably snuggled up in our big fluffy couch throw this morning. So I’ve been sitting at work, trying to be productive, and catching myself daydreaming about cool sheets and snugly blankets. I keep telling Andy we need to become independently wealthy so we don’t have to go to work every day, now if I could only figure out how to become independently wealthy….I fear it has something to do with going to work…

This doesn’t bode well for the rest of my week, it’s only Tuesday (sigh).

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