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Sometimes you need pretty shoes

I once read that if you have to get dressed everyday you might as well have fun doing it. Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves in work environments that don’t support creative dressing. Since I was 14, I have worked in fairly conservative offices, so I’ve learned some tricks for dressing that allow me to express myself without having to incur the wrath of HR. One of those tricks is shoes. Shoes spend most of their time hiding under your desk, and they are one of the last things people look at when you are talking to them. So as long as you don’t go completely crazy, you can usually work fun footwear into your work wardrobe. Being 5’10” I forgo heels mostly in favor of ballet flats.


Gemma Feather Print Flats – JCrew, Luna Ballet Flat – DSW, Tunedup Flats – Nine West, Mugara Ballet Flat – Amazon, SB Ever – Zappos, Mandalaye Flats – Dillards

These are six of the pairs I am currently coveting. Since I wear my flats most days, I tend to go through them pretty quickly, even if I have several pairs in rotation. So I am almost always on the look out for my next pair. If you are starting your collection from scratch, it’s always a good idea to look at your wardrobe and think about the colors you wear the most. For me, I wear a lot of blacks and jewel tones so I tend to lean towards embellished black and/or metallic shoes. It also helps you decide how to get the most for your money. I always invest a little more in my black shoes because I know they will get the most wear. If you already have some good basics, don’t be afraid to throw in a pattern or texture. Shoes are fun, and you’d be surprised at what a difference a great pair can do to your confidence.

What every office needs…

We are back from Savannah! It was a crazy trip, but we had a lot of fun. I was planning on getting my brother’s memorial tattoo at the same shop that did my honeymoon tattoo, but they were completely booked. I should have called to get an appointment, but our travel details were up in the air until the last moment and honestly, I didn’t think there would be a lot of people wanting to get tattooed on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Oh well, now I am using my local contacts to find the best shop here in Tally.

Our fuzzy horde was very pleased to see us yesterday. Oh they let us know who unhappy they were. How mistreated and woefully neglected they’d been, what horrible parents we were. Pretty much the same thing I hear everyday when I get home from work, times 3. My mom came back to Tally with us and she is helping me get my home office up and running. Speaking of offices, Andy found this awesome desk. Unfortunately, I already have a lovely desk in my office, but it is the perfect option for any of you other cat lovers who don’t.

Cat Table 1 Cat Table 2 Cat Table 3 Cat Table 4 Cat Table 5 Cat Table 6


Desk and images from here.

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Home Offices

I have a home office, all it’s good for currently is storing all of my crafting/sewing supplies, but I do have an office. Eventually, I’d like someone who has a mild case of OCD to help me get everything organized and make the space usable, but for now I fantasize about how things could be. Who needs to do actual work when you can think about it instead, right? Design Sponge did a post on creative office spaces (full post an other featured offices here) and it gave me some really great ideas for what I want in my own space.

Home Office 1 Home Office Home Office 4 Home Office 2 Home Office 5
Home Office 3

Lots of light, open space, color and I wouldn’t say no to some built in bookshelves.


Last Minute Costumes

Tomorrow kicks off the holiday season (at least in my mind) and I actually have my costume together for the first time in…well, I don’t even remember how long. Granted it is pretty basic, I am going to be Sleeping Beauty, which is pretty much pj’s and a tiara, but I did buy these awesome slippers to wear. In all honesty I came up with the idea so I could buy the slippers, but the end result is the same. Awesome foot gear and an office appropriate costume. Whoo-hoo!

Since I know there are probably still a few of you that haven’t put together your costumes yet, here are some ideas from the crafting queen herself Martha Stewart.

Madame Butterfly

Stache on a Stick

Sultry Spider Web

Stylish Swamp Thing

Regal Raven

Mommy & Me Garden

Rat’s Nest

Dangerously Lovely Jellyfish

Going Batty

See? All you need is a quick trip to the craft aisle and you’re good to go. PS: I am seriously thinking about using the Madame Butterfly costume next year.

DIY Meets Office Supplies!

Sometimes the work day can be unbearably long. The phone doesn’t ring, everyone else leaves early, and you find yourself alone in the office with three more hours until quitting time. What to do, what to do, what to do? You can play that game where you take turns opening and closing each of your eyes. You know, where it looks like the file cabinet is next to the poster one way and in front of the poster the other. Next to, in front of, next to, in front of. It’s good for about five minutes, but you’ve got hours to fill. To help alleviate some of the tedium I present you with Desk-Friendly DIY’s courtesy of The Mod Cloth Blog!

And there you have it, three great ways to waste time at the office while still doing something that could almost be considered work. A well organized and visually appealing work environment makes for happy employees right?