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Sephora & OPI

I love buying nail polish, which is a little strange considering due to the amount of typing, crafting and baking I can never keep a polish chip free for more than a day. My toes fare a little better, since I try to get at least one pedicure a month.  As i’ve gotten older, I have become a bit of a polish snob, I am extremely picky about the brands i’ll use, and right now I am favoring Essie and OPI and since OPI makes an exclusive Sephora line I have been stocking up on the some of the more interesting shades.  When the Garden of Good and Evil collection debuted I was a little torn. Most of the colors are not really what I normally wear, I lean more towards deep reds, violets, and almost blacks, but I was curious enough to give them a try.

To the amusement of the ladies working at my local Sephora, I used the testers to give my self a rainbow manicure and then decided what colors I wanted to invest in. I had pictures, but my nails were in really poor shape by the time I had my camera back in hand.

Finally, after much debate and inner turmoil (I kid you not) I ended up with the sample pack and a regular size of the Designer Fig Leaf, so here is my review:

Designer Fig Leaf: An opaque metallic olive green, probably my favorite of the bunch. I would recommend a minimum of two coats for nails Poison Ivy would be proud of.

Completely Fern-ished: A matte olive green that is exclusive to the sample pack, while I like it, it sort of looks like the other green’s ugly sister by comparison.

Eve-y On the Eyes: A really lovely cool shimmery fuchsia, something that would be great on any skin tone.

Tempted by Teal: A bright iridescent teal that shifts gold and silverish, almost exactly like Mermaid to Order, which is one of my favorite summer shades, but a little less opalescent.

Frankly I Don’t Give A-Dam: A matte light grey that was surprisingly feminine, I will be picking up the full size on my next shopping trip.

Overall I really think this collection has something for everyone, and the sample pack is a great way to try some colors that you may not usually wear. It’s definitely inspired me to branch out from my red-purple safety net, and i’ve received lots of complements on my new green nails.