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My house is a mess. For a few weeks it seemed like Andy and I had gotten the cleaning routine down pat, but one lazy weekend and two days into a crazy work week and we’re back to rifling through the “clean” laundry basket for something to wear to work. I know houses don’t magically clean themselves, but my roommate in college was a stress cleaner and I got really spoiled. Obviously, I still had to keep my room cleaned and help out with the dishes, but the floor was always vacuumed and cabinets were always orderly. In all honesty I used to tease her something fierce about all the compulsive cleaning, but I have my own deep dark cleaning compulsion, the bathroom. I hate messy  bathrooms. I even remember scrubbing the the bathroom floor at 3am in my party clothes because we’d had people over and I couldn’t sleep until the bathroom was clean again. Don’t even get me started on public restrooms! Now that that is out of my system, back to the messy house. I’ve been trying to find some organizational tips to help me get our house under control (you know procrastinating instead of actually cleaning). These are a couple of my favorites.

1. Store Sheets in Matching Pillowcase

Home 1

To keep  matching bed linens together, fold the top sheet, bottom sheet and tuck them into the matching pillowcase. This also makes for easier storing and stacking in your linen closet.

2. Spices at your Fingertips

Home 2

This is a trick I picked up a few years back, put your most commonly used spices in magnetic spice tins and keep them on the side of your refrigerator. It frees up cabinet space and you’ll never have to frantically dig through your pantry while cooking dinner again. I use these.

3. Aesthetic Jewelry Storage

Home 3

Glue glass bottles to the bottom of a decorative crate and then mount it on the wall. It’ll be a lovely showcase for bracelets and a convenient way to keep track of them.

4. Taking Storage to New Heights

Home 4

Mount a shelf above your bathroom or closet doors to provide extra storage for rarely used items. Don’t forget to keep a step stool or taller friend handy.

To see more great organizing and storage options click here.

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My Kitchen

Is really messy, but instead of cleaning it I am making a Pintrest board of what I wish my kitchen looked like.

Kitchen 1 Kitchen 3 Kitchen 2 Kitchen 4

Now if I could just get someone to come over and help me 1- Get me motivated or 2-Organize everything for me, we’d be in good shape. Any one with OCD who loves a challenge?