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Amorette’s Patisserie Disney Springs

 On my recent trip to Orlando, my friend Verhanika and I were in search of caffeine and pastries to start off our day, and after checking out the Disney Springs directory, we walked over to Amorette’s Patisserie. Unfortunately, the place did open until 11, so we had to find breakfast elsewhere, but after walking around for a bit, we decided to hit it up on our way back to the hotel.

a7 a4 Something you should understand about me is I am a fancy food junkie; I watch every pastry special, cupcake war, and cook off challenge I can find, and I love every minute of it. When we decided to “grab” a pastry for the road, I was expecting something along the lines of a Disney-fied Starbucks. I was completely unprepared for the elevated offerings ensconced in the large glass cases.a3 I probably should have been tipped off by the fact that they had a guy behind the counter painting translucent stripes of gold on printed white chocolate eclair toppers. Had there no been a time constraint, I would have gladly stood around watching the elaborate confections being assembled for as long as possible. a6 I have also decided that I need to order one of these gorgeous flower cakes (which I believe are the Amorette’s Signature Cakes). a1 a2 Since I knew it’d be a while before I was in Orlando again, I went a bit over board and purchased a mini opera cake, a pistachio eclair, and a three pack of snickerdoodle cookies. Everything was wonderful. Andy, of course, practically inhaled the cookies declaring them some of the best snickerdoodles he has ever had. The eclair was so incredible, I only shared one teeny bite with him. Seriously, no exaggeration, the best eclair I have had ever. It would almost be worth the four and a half hour drive just to have another one. Almost.a5I really do have to tip my hat to the magic makers at Disney. When they do something, they do it all the way. The food was great, the presentation was perfection, even the boxes and bags they sent their treats home in were beautiful. This place just shot to the top of my “must do” list for every subsequent trip I make to Orlando.