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Lighting Your Outdoor Space

One of the most neglected spaces in the Bucior house is the backyard. I planted bulbs and a few rose bushes when we first moved in, but other than some occasional maintenance, it is usually ignored. Hopefully, it won’t always be this way, Andy and I have recently discussed hiring a lawn guy to come and help us get things back into shape. On a larger scale, we want to eventually build a fire pit, plant a huge herb garden and build a pergola over the back porch area for outdoor entertaining. I have visions of sipping a cool drink while listening to the crickets, watching the string lights creating odd dappled patches of light and shadow as they sway back and forth in the breeze. The easiest part of this whole plan is finding the string lights. Fortunatlely, Terrain has a small seclection of gorgeous porch/patio string lights perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Light 5 Light 1 Light 4 Light 2 Light 3

I really like that some of these stands can pull double duty as indoor lighting as well. Just think, about the time it is too cold to be sitting around outside, it’ll be time to start decking the halls for the holiday season. Win, win.

All images from Terrain.