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Gnome Party!

This post is inspired by my bestie since kindergarten, Stefanie. She loves gnomes and has a small of collection of lawn gnomes that have graced any front yard she has ever had. When I saw this Gnome Themed Birthday Party I just knew that I had to share it with her, and you guys of course (in case there are any closeted gnome fans amongst you).

Gnome 7

Gnome 9.1

Gnome  2

Gnome 5

Gnome 8

Gnome  3

Gnome 4

Gnome 1

Gnome 9.2

Gnome 11

Gnome 9.3

Gnome 9

While this may have been a party for a four year old, I think it could still be adult appropriate. I’m 27 and I would have loved to be a guest.

All images from 100 Layer Cake.

A Very Lovely Birthday Party

I think my first birthday party was pretty traditional. My mom’s side of the family all gathered at my maternal grandpa’s house, hung some streamers, blew up balloons and ate some cake. The highlight of the event was my mom unveiling her painstakingly crafted tiny alphabet block cake that was just for me. I think the general idea was to let me play around in my cake, while the adults enjoyed the “everybody else” cake. But being stubborn and prissy, even then, I refused to touch the cake. Finally my mom took my little hand and stuck it in the frosting to get the ball rolling.

The family still laughs about me jerking my hand from the cake, looking at my frosting covered fingers with horror and then crying loudly and dramatically. Funny anecdote aside, I never really thought that a babies first birthday need to be an elaborate affair, it’s not like they’ll remember a whole lot about it. Then I saw this party on Hostess with the Mostess, and it kind of hit me. While it’s important for the little one have fun, I now realize that the first birthday party might be more about making memories with your family and friends, than about making memories for your baby. You and your guests get a fancy party, and in exchange they get stories to tell to the little one when he or she is older.

mossy-first-birthday-decorations 2 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 3mossy-first-birthday-decorations 6 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 1 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 4 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 5 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 7 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 8

Did you see the cupcake swing? How cool is that?!

All images are from Hostess with the Mostess.

A Pie Party!?

I am going admit, up front, that I blatantly stole this idea and picture from The Sweetest Occasion. I am going to have a holiday crafting party and a fall canning party, but I never even thought about a pie party. I don’t know how this never occurred to me! I have had Thanksgiving with the Buciors for the last two years and I have seen the amount of pie that those boys can go through, it really should have been a no brainier.

{Shop: Pie plate / rolling pin / apple corer / wine bottle / pie server / tea towel / honey / mixing bowl / teak measuring spoons.}

Plus it is a perfect excuse to buy baking supplies. Look at that apple corer/slicer/peeler! I need one of those, immediately if not sooner. I even went to the product link and watched the video twice! Okay, it was three times, but that only helps my argument. So to sum up, I am going to have a pie party, probably the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I am going to convince Andy that the only way he’ll get pie this year is if I get that corer. I am going to need your help with this, the next time any of you see my husband you might drop a gentle hint along the lines of, “wow, that is really sweet that your wife makes all those wonderful baked good for you, I bet she would even make you pie if only she had a combination corer/slicer/peeler like that one from Bed Bath and Beyond.” You know, something subtle like that.

Batchlorette Party

So I am finally getting through some of the photos on my camera. After the first round I was delighted to find that my bridesmaids had snapped some shots of my batchlorette party.  Don’t get too excited, the evening consisted of good food, champagne, henna and great friends, not so crazy, but perfect in my eyes.  Oh, and amazing gift baskets provided by the leading ladies, which unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of.

From the top: Me trying to convey to the henna artist what I wanted painted on my feet and legs. My college roommate and bridesmaid, Rebecca showcasing what was perhaps my favorite bottle of champagne. Pretty bottles and bubbles, need I say more? My cousin and fellow beach week pirate princess Mollie.  My fellow fashion designer diva and bridesmaid Silk. And last, but certainly not least, the person who has been my friend since kindergarten, my maid of honor, Stefanie. These girls have been some of my closest friends I’ve had over the years.  And there were still a few more lovely laides who were with us at least in spirit even though they couldn’t make it in person.

It was the perfect night of advice, stories and reminiscing to usher me into this new stage of my life. And the amazing henna artist Ayesha was an unexpectedly wonderful personality that made the party that much more lively.