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Crazy Cat Lady

Before I met Andy I was pretty sure there was about a 45% chance that i’d end up a crazy cat lady.  I regard my fuzzy ones more as little people with fur and fangs than as mere pets.  Besides anyone who owns a cat can attest to the fact that cats pick you, not the other way around. So instead I am now part of that “crazy couple with all the cats”.  When I saw the cat inspired makeup by Paul & Joe I may have made a slightly embarrassing sound of excitement, and quickly navigated to the website to see more.  Unfortunately, the price tag is a little high for a new homeowner, and the argument for lipstick and eyeshadow vs. getting a coffee table doesn’t last that long, even in my mind. Besides, I don’t know if I could bring myself to use the product, it would ruin the absolutely adorable shape.

Images from here and here.