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Baby Beautiful

The baby bug is going around at the office this week. One of the guys I work with just welcomed baby #3 to the family, and all of us females are getting the vapors over tiny shoes and onesies. I never really wanted kids until I was about 23, then I changed my tune to “well maybe, someday” and then after I met Andy it turned into a full blown “yeah, we’re totally going to have kids”. The last two years my biological clock has been on overdrive, but the timing hasn’t been right. Fortunately, two of my close friends had babies last year so I can live vicariously for a little longer. As if the week wasn’t wasn’t baby-rific enough, this gorgeous pregnancy shoot showed up on my blog feed. I will be buying this outfit the moment I find out I am pregnant…well and a lot of yoga pants, but you know what I mean.

Prego 1 Prego 2 Prego 3 Prego 4 Prego 5 Prego 6 Prego 7

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