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Nectar & Stone

One of the things I love about Instagram is that it can be an amazing mental vacation during a busy day. Clients yelling, copiers jamming, deadlines looming – sometimes you just need five minutes to disconnect and look at something pretty. Of course I have friends and family that I follow so I can see what going on in their lives, but there are others that I follow simply because they have beautiful pictures. One of my new favorites is the  Nectar & Stone Instagram feed.

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Gorgeous, right? I’ve don’t really consider myself much of a pink girl, but these pastel pastries have me reconsidering that. I am in love with that lavender and pink “Yay” cake. I’ve showed it to Andy a few times and commented on what an amazing birthday cake it would be. I think he gets the hint. If anyone would love a macaroon birthday cake, it’s this girl.

Coincidence or a Sign from the Universe?

One of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog was about how badly I wanted pink hair. A year later it still hasn’t happened. Of course I am still at the same office, with the same restrictions, and while no one has commented on my wrist tattoo I feel like cotton candy hair might be pushing my luck. But I think this tutorial by The Beauty Department might be just the loophole I need.  If I only color the tips of my hair I can keep it pulled back at the office and still take baby steps towards my ultimate goal.

DIY: Rainbow Tips

TOOLS: highlighting comb, clips, foils, color brush, hair bleach with the appropriate volume (always seek a professional when using bleach), light pink color, dark pink color, light blue, dark blue, clear gloss.


Step 1 Highlight the tips of the hair using hair bleach with the correct volume. I lightened the bottom 3 inches of Lauren’s hair, taking it as light as possible without causing any damage. As you can see above, I like to “feather” on the bleach. Painting a jagged line makes it blend better.

Step 2 Fold up your foil and let it process until it reaches a pale blonde. Use the appropriate heat if necessary.

Step 3 Shampoo and lightly condition bleach out of the hair.

Step 4 Blow hair completely dry. If it’s still wet, it will soak up less color.

Step 5 Place the hair on a foil. Imagine the bleached out part being split into 3. You’re going to leave the top 1/3 blonde.

Step 6 Next, paint the light blue (or whatever color you choose) on the entire bottom 2/3.

Step 7 Paint the very tips (or bottom 1/3) using the darker version of that color. It should look almost feather like. Be sure to blend. Last, rinse out the color. I highly suggest washing them out one piece at a time and towel drying well so the colors don’t bleed into each other. If they do, you may see a “marbleizing” effect. I love when the colors all swirl together like that, but if you’re looking to keep them more defined, keep them away from each other when they’re wet. I like to finish up by sealing it with a clear gloss. That’s a professional use only product so if you don’t have access to it, you don’t have to do that. Blow dry and…Tah Daaah!!

*Note: Bleaching your hair at home can have varying outcomes.  When I bleached my hair in college I ended up with an orange mess and minor chemical burns on my scalp. If you haven’t tried this process before it might be a good idea to consult a professional at least for the bleaching step of this tutorial.

Original tutorial here.

Some people were born to be a mom

For as long as I can remember, my bestie since kindergarten, Stefanie, has wanted to have kids, but not in the traditional sense, she wanted to adopt. While I ranted with passionate conviction about my “never having kids” plan, she was researching international adoption, visiting informative conventions and overall working on her master plan. While I currently plan to have my children the old fashion way, the concept that your child is out there in the world waiting for you to find them has always seemed so beautiful.  When I was younger, I was a little jealous of adopted children, they grew up knowing that they weren’t the result of some random genetic lottery, they were chosen. How amazing is that? Someone looked into their eyes and said, “This is the child I choose to raise and love.”

All that being said, she was delighted when I finally came around to the idea of being a mother.  She helped me start my baby box and we like to share any new baby related finds we come across. As soon as I saw this pink and white little girl’s room I knew she would find it as enchanting as I did.

Heck, if I was still in the single digits I’d want this room. My poor future children, they’ll look back at this blog someday and realized their mother is insane.  Tea party anyone?

Images from here.

New Shoes!

Okay ladies and gentleman, the moment….well, about five of you have been waiting for…new wedding shoes!!!

I finally got my act together and took pictures of my new lovelies.

While not quite as whimsical as my original choice you can’t beat the shiny, and I loves me some shiny.  Hopefully the slight difference in height (and inch taller) won’t cause any hemline issues. I was having a little trouble with the last pair, to me they seemed a bit to short, but the alterations woman kept saying, “OH, HEM ES PERFECT!!!” and “NO HOLD NO HOLD!” when I tried to pick up the front of my dress so I would step on one of the under layers.  Which meant I had to do a bit of a kick before I could start walking.  Hmmm, maybe this is just one of those fancy dress rules or something.

Pretty in Pink

One of the biggest things I regret not doing in college was dyeing my hair crazy colors.  Unfortunately, I always had a part or full time job that didn’t really appreciate cotton candy tresses.

After graduation I felt like i’d pretty much missed my window of opportunity since a “real” job in the “real” world wasn’t likely to be any more indulgent than my college gigs were. But then I met Jennifer. She was a mother of three, recently divorced, crazy exuberant, talented artist, teaching a class one night a week for local professionals who were trying to get back in touch with their creativity. She was twenty years my senior and she had bright blue hair. And I can remember thinking, “Wow, if she can do all of this maybe it isn’t to late for me.”  Jennifer made me think a lot about what “growing up” actually meant, and about who and what I wanted to be. So along with a few of my other aspirations, I am putting my dream of shockingly pink hair back on the list and maybe, just maybe, after the last of the wedding photos have been snapped, it’ll be time.

Images from here.