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This weekend Andy I took a day trip to Jacksonville.  Originally we were going to see the movie Myth of the American Sleepover the indie film that my cousin Brett (Scott Holland for those of you who have seen it) was in. Unfortunately, the theater schedule had changed from earlier in the week and only the latest showing was left, and with a three hour drive home it didn’t seem like the best idea.

However, the trip wasn’t a complete loss, I got to sit down with Lucy de la Guardia, the talented woman doing my hair and make up for the wedding, and talk strategy.  She came up with some really beautiful yet simple options for me consider, and all and all, I am feeling much better now that one more thing is off my list.  While hair and makeup are two of my favorite topics, the best part of our trip was indulging in the delicious white pizza and decadent garlic knots from Perrads. Sometime the diet just has to take the back seat.

Andy and I discovered Perrads on our way back from Savannah last year.  We had been on the road for hours and were well on our way to the cranky snappish phase of hungry, and for the sake of peace in the universe we decided we HAD to stop soon. We had just made it to I10 and all of a sudden we see this giant billboard advertising some absolutely mouth watering Italian food. We took the next exit and the rest is history.  Now any time we come even remotely near the junction of I10 and I95 we make a pizza stop.

I haven’t felt so full or content in quite a long time. It’s probably a good thing we have to drive so far to procure a slice, otherwise I’d easily be the size of a house, and I’d have to buy stock in stretchy pants.

Menu and restaurant info available here.