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The Lincoln Park Conservatory

When doing research for our Chicago trip, I happened upon an Instagram series of gorgeous garden pics which seemed to be taken in a large greenhouse. A quick note to the user and I had a name: The Lincoln Park Conservatory. Said user gave me a few other tips, but told me I absolutely had to pay a visit if my schedule permitted. Sunday, we found ourselves with an open afternoon, so we made our way to Lincoln Park to see what we could see.

 The first thing I want to say is that this amazing place is free to the public. FREE. As in no dollars. There is a box in the lobby for donations, but other than that, nothing. The place is well maintained and absolutely gorgeous. With the overcast day, it reminded me a little of the green house in The Haunting, but that is probably just me.     The conservatory is a series of large glass rooms all connected by a meandering path. There are flowers and plants of all types, and knowledgable staff/volunteers (honestly, I’m not sure which) are scattered about to answer any questions one might have… and also, I suspect, to keep people from touching or picking the flora.  While the ponds were my favorite, I did enjoy the orchid room. Mostly because orchids are such finicky plants and to see so many with such variety was very impressive.    It’s difficult to tell in this picture, but that little glass box is full of carnivorous plants. I know they don’t hurt people, but they still freak me out a little.   Truly, I wish Andy and I were better at gardening. He has a black thumb, and I am prone to over watering. Someday though, maybe we’ll figure it out. 

Such a beautiful place, and while a decent size, it doesn’t take long to walk through. Definitely check it out if you find yourself in the windy city with some spare time.

Trying to Out Smart the Furry Ones

The kitties and I have an on going discussion regarding the subject of house plants, or “tasty vomit material” as they like to call them. Our current arrangement goes a little something like this: window sills are okay, but anything on the coffee table or on the kitchen table gets nommed the moment I turn my back.  I’ve been trying to come up a creative way to bring more plants into the house, without it resulting in a very expensive salad bar for the little ones or a forest of macrame plant holders. A little research via Pinterest led to this great post on the blog Poppytalk about vertical planters.

My favorite two ideas are the Mounted Mason Jar Herb Garden and the Succulent Filled Picture Frame.  The former will be a great addition to our kitchen, much easier than a trip to the backyard every time I need some fresh herbs; and the later would be a great alternative to traditional artwork on our empty dining room wall. Now I just have to be on the lookout for a giant antique frame… More reasons to shop, i’m sure the husband will be thrilled.

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