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Thinking Inside the Box: June PopSugar Must Have Mini

Another sad goodbye; this is my final Must Have Mini review. Once again, we are going out on a high note, since this month’s box was my favorite of the three I received. Although, month one was a very close second. Here’s what I got:


What I got:

  • Baggu Medium 3D Zip – This one of those weirdly wonderful fortuitous events. I am going to be traveling a bit in July and August, and I was actually in need of a sturdy travel bag to carry toiletries and the like. While I personally would have gone for a girlier pattern, the classic navy and white stripes make this something Andy can easily use as well. Poor guy, pretty much everything I own is covered in flowers, sparkles, or both.
  • Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Lip Cream – I was really excited to receive this; this particular lip cream is both vegan and cruelty free, and I’ve heard good things. Unfortunately, the Blush shade doesn’t work well with my current hair color – the auburn brings out the warmer orange-y tones in this otherwise lovely neutral, but I change my hair color all the time so I’ll definitely be holding on to this for later. Aside from the color issue, this is a dream lipstick. The texture and wear is very comfortable; yes, you’ll need to reapply after eating, but it’s easy to put on and the color goes on smoothly and evenly.


I really enjoyed this service; every box I received contained items that I would have been interested in trying had I encountered them in my everyday life. Was it as cool as it’s full sized counter part? Of course not, but if you can’t afford the full sized box, this is a great way to still get in on the fun. Heck, I would even recommend doing both if you could. They both contain different items that go along with the monthly theme. Which was also something I thought was cool because many subscription services that offer cheaper options just give you part of whatever would be in the full size. I would absolutely subscribe to this service again.

Thinking Inside the Box: March PopSugar Must Have Box

It was such a happy/sad day when I got my March PopSugar Must Have Box in the mail. Happy because I was completely stoked to see what I got and sad because it was the last box of my three month trial. Let’s dive in.

PopS1 PopS2 PopS3 PopS9 PopS5PopS6 PopS4
What I got:

  • Goodie Girl Cookies(Toffee Chaos) – I’d looked at these in the store before, but having any snack type food around the house this time of year is super dangerous. Once we opened the bag, they lasted maybe a day and a half? Completely  delicious, rich toffee, melty chocolate chips and a crisp cookie snap that practically begged for a glass of milk or a steaming hot beverage. I will buy these again, and I be trying all the other Goodie Girl flavors.
  • Govino Carafe & Glass – I saw this in someone’s guest room and I’ve been wanting one of my own for a while now. It felt a little like Christmas morning when I saw it in the box. I am sitting there cross legged on the floor excitedly waving the box back and forth at Andy, and he just kind of glanced up and murmured something about it being “cool”. Figuring he just didn’t understand the importance of this amazing moment, I took the box over to him and explained why he too should be excited. He gave me an “aww, you’re cute” smile and reiterated his beliefs in its “coolness”. *Sigh* Some people just don’t get it.
  • Hello Pure Mint Toothpaste – I thought it was a little strange to get toothpaste in a subscription box, but I tried this out for a few days, and it worked really well. The taste and texture were nice, and my teeth were noticeably whiter. Unfortunately, I can’t use it long term; I have sensitive teeth, to the point of needing a special toothpaste. I will, however, tuck this into our travel case.
  • Pixi Block of Beauty – I’m  always down to try new make up, but I won’t really use this set the way it was intended to be used. Two of the colors are for contouring, and while I am sure my face could benefit from some masterful brushwork, I am vampire-like pale and everything I’ve tried is much too dark. Also with being so pale, I flush easily, which nixes any need for blush. I have, however, been using the entire pallet as eyeshadow, and I really like it. I wouldn’t have purchased it for myself, but I am glad I got a chance to try it.
  • Nanette Nanette Lapore Rose Gold Watch – a really beautiful piece. Feminine, understated, and classy, it is a wonderful addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Any woman who wears watches, that is, which I don’t. Since I can’t give this piece the proper appreciation, it will soon be finding its way to someone who can give it the love it deserves.
  • Miss Ivy Pearl 5 Tassel Necklace – once again, very pretty, but not me. I tried it on anyway and immediately two of the cats were like, ” Hey mommy, can with play with the toy on your necks?” Yep, not intended for me.
  • My Lola $10 Coupon – Of all of the subscription services I am interested in try, one for monthly personal items is not currently on the list. I am okay running to the store to buy my own.

The Verdict:

If you are going to try subscription boxes, this is the one to try. Great variety of products, amazing deals, and even the items that weren’t quite “me” were things any number of people in my life would love to have. I honestly considered keeping this subscription going, but the deal was three months and then on to something new. So I am going to very reluctantly say goodbye for now. I will however, soon be reviewing the newest PopSugar box, the PopSugar Must Have Mini.

Thinking Inside the Box: February PopSugar Must Have

I am really sad I only have one more month left on my PopSugar Must Have box. 3 months seemed like plenty, and I know there are other services out there to try, but they send me such pretty things. I’ve even developed a slightly odd ritual for my unboxings. I open the box, take pictures for the blog, pile everything back in the box, and then set it on the coffee table. From there, I go through everything again opening packages and reading my little summary pamphlet. Everything ends up lined up on the coffee table where it remains until I use it, and I don’t like for Andy to move any of it. I am so weird! It’s like a mini Christmas morning every month, and I don’t want it to end.

Pop7 Pop1 Pop2 Pop3 Pop4 Pop6 Pop5

What I got:

Tilo Heart Printed Scarf – an exclusive design for PopSugar which is pretty spiffy. I as a rule don’t wear a lot of heart prints, but this scarf is so soft, and it’s such a nice grey. I’ve worn it three times already. I forgot to hang it up the last time and came home to find Oliver sleeping in it. He thinks it’s nice and soft too.

BeautyCounter Nourishing Cleansing Balm – I love this so much, and I wish I didn’t. I’ve been blessed with good skin. It doesn’t take a whole lot, but it looks even better now that I am using this stuff in the evenings. It removes my make up and makes my skin super soft and clean feeling without the tightness you get from a lot of other cleansers. The only down side is I know I am unlikely to shell out the $80 to restock when I use this up. Fortunately, it only takes a little bit to get the job done.

Jewelry Strom Endless Arrow Ring – I don’t wear a lot of rings, it took me a long time to get used to my wedding band and engagement ring. Even now I am constantly forgetting to put them back on when I am done baking or painting or whatever anti-ring activity I am currently working on. That being said, this ring is very pretty, and I’ve worn it as a middy a couple of times, and the added sparkle makes me feel a bit fancy.

Fringe Studio Square Tray – As much as I like this little tray, I think I may try to find it a better home. Most of the flat spaces in my life exist in a constant state of organized chaos, and this little guy deserves someone who displays him proudly and uses him to hold pretty trinkets.

Victoria Secret Coconut Milk Body Lotion – this is the only item this month that I was a bit “meh” about. Andy is crazy allergic to most scented products, and we’ve learned that if I use any of the VS body care products he will most likely break out simply from secondary contact. So I can’t use this except for maybe at the office, and only as long as I scrub my hands and arms before I go home, which seems like it’d be counteracting the moisturizing action.

Foodstirs Heart Cookie Mix – after I found out that Sarah Michelle Gellar co-founded this company, I referred to the kit as the Buffy Baking Kit, which is super clever and original, I know. The kit was cool; I made the cookies for V day, and they were tasty, but I do a lot of baking already so I don’t really buy a lot of kits. This did come with a coupon though so I might splurge on one more just for funsies.

Victoria Secret Sport Socks – I would have never thought of buying socks from VS, but these are really comfortable to wear, and the extra little cushion tab at the back keeps the ankle socks from working down past the lip of your sneakers. No heel blisters with these guys! I will probably buy more in different colors.

Victoria Secret Reward Card – $20 off my next purchase. No crazy rules, just $20 to spend by the end of March. Yeah, I can totally do that. Birthday bra for me!!! Well, more like half a bra, but you know what I mean.

Last month was awesome, and this month was even better; I can’t wait to see what is in store for me next month.

Thinking Inside the Box: PopSugar Must Have

Of all the subscription boxes coming my way, I was most excited about the PopSugar Must Have Box. I’ve seen it reviewed by dozens of bloggers, and I was stupid excited to get one of my very own. Along the lines of squealing and hopping up and down on the front porch when I came home and found it waiting on me.

Pop7 Pop6 Pop5 Pop4 Pop3 Pop9 Pop1 Pop2

What I got:

  • Pehr Designs Pebble Speck Bin – this now lives on the corner of my coffee table. I keep all of the pieces of whatever my current crafting project is safely inside and away from little paws.
  • Spark Joy by Marie Kando – I haven’t read this yet, but lord knows I need to . My house is in a constant state of chaos. Andy and I try, but neither of us seems to have a knack for keeping things tidy.
  • Patchology Face Masque Trio – I am saving these for my Disney trip next week. I plan on having a nice long soak in the hotel tub with a bath bomb from Lush and one of these masks. Post park spa time if you will.
  • Blue Sky Day Planner – So pretty, but I am horrible at writing things down. I put the planner in my purse as soon as I unwrapped it, and there it has remained, untouched for the last week.
  • Not Soap, Radio Bath & Shower Gel Gift Set – Also saving for my Disney trip, although I did open them all and smell them. I mean, you kind of have to.
  • Project 7 Inc. Summer Snow Gum – the flavor is pretty spot on, and I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about it, but I keep chewing it so some part of me must really like it.
  • Chapstick Total Hydration – I was a little disappointed when I pulled this out of the box, but I shouldn’t have been. It’s been a life saver these past few weeks as the weather has been cooler and everything is super dry. I even like the soft vanilla flavor.

The cool thing about this box was that all of the items it included were things that I’d find interesting but never purchase for myself. I can’t wait what the next two months’ boxes will bring!