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Real Life Fairy Tale

I fell in love with fantasy long before I fell in love with fashion. When I was a little girl, I didn’t dream of runway shows or owning chic boutiques, I wanted to make clothes for fairy queens and story book heroines. Things made with cloth spun from spider silk and adorned with dewdrops and colorful tiny flowers. Gowns that were so beautiful that they could make princesses out of the grubbiest scullery maids. That dream gave way to slightly more practical aspirations, but there is always that part of me that will dream about making clothing so spectacular that is seems otherworldly. When I saw this article, it brought back all of those long lost dreams. These gorgeous creations by Sylvie Facon are 100% storybook worthy.

Completely fantastical, right? The attention to detail in these garments is down right swoon worthy, and the incorporation of nontraditional materials? I can’t even. Legitimately can’t even. I don’t know what I’d make or who’d wear it, but this has left me itching to dust off the dress form in my home office. I even think I remember where some of my old textbooks are.

So I Can Be A Pretty Pretty Princess

I can be a little hard to feel beautiful and optimistic on a Monday morning. Especially a Monday morning that most of the world, including your husband, has off but you’re stuck at the office. Not to go into any specifics or anything. I am referring to people in gerneral mind you. But were I to find myself in such a situation, say on Martin Luther King day I am quite certain that showing up to the office in one of these crowns by Elemental Child would make the day much much better. If only to see my bosses face and then hear him try to come up with a reason why I shouldn’t be wearing a crown at the office. I would even offer to let him borrow it if he wanted to feel like a pretty pretty princess.

Crown 1 Crown 2 Crown 3 Crown 4 Crown 5 Crown 6

All images from here.

Not a Silly Type of Princess

While I make jokes about wanting puffy dresses and glittery tiaras, looking like a princess doesn’t have to be childish. Dolce & Gabbana have come up with a way to dress like royalty and still look incredibly chic.

I still don’t know how to covey how much I love this collection.  The execution is flawless.  One of the biggest issue I have with a lot of runway fashion is how difficult it often is to integrate into real life, and while I know some of these ensembles would look a little odd even out on the town, there are pieces in each and every look that can be applied to daily life.

As always, the girls at Honestly…WTF have come up with a way for us to bring a little piece of the runway into our lives, check out their Dolce & Gabbana DIY here.

But see if you look at it this way…

I was flipping through my wedding blog “favorites” this morning at it occurred to me that in a matter of days I really won’t have a reason to read them anymore.  The wedding will be over, and I won’t need to know about fun new dress styles, place settings, gift bags or floral arrangements. Then I started bargaining with the practical voice in my head, reasoning that those things don’t really have to be wedding specific, there could be…say, a birthday or a Mother’s Day tea or something that I may need fresh ideas for. For example, this fall photo shoot would be one fantastic, somewhat odd tea party.  The antlers and empty turtle shell probably wouldn’t make it to the final application of the concept, but still, the potential is there.

And besides, a few years from now Andy and I will probably have children; and if a little girl happens to be part of the mix, I have to make sure she has the best play group/birthday party on the block. I learned from the best. My mom and I used to have tea every Saturday morning and I felt so grown up in my princess pj’s carefully spooning sugar and pouring creamer into the delicate “big girl” cups.

Images from here.

Inspiration: Fame & Fairytales

I love fairy tales, I wanted to be a mermaid ballerina when I grew up, and I just knew that somehow I was a princess waiting to be discovered.  Twenty something years and a moderate dose of reality later, there is still a sizable portion of my childish enthusiasm left.  I still dream of enchanted roses and happily ever afters.

One of my favorite editorial spreads of all time came from the April 2005 Vogue.  Annie Leibovitz and Drew Barrymore teamed up to create a high fashion version of Beauty & the Beast.  I bought two copies of the issue and I saved the online images under my “favorites”.  Now i’m sharing them with you.

I would LOVE to spend an afternoon wearing gorgeous dresses and pretending to live in an enchanted kingdom.  It sure beat the pants off of filing and data entry.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, we’ve only have a few more hours of freedom left!