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Sunday Brunch: Prime Time

In an effort to continue trying new places trend, this weekend Andy and I headed over to the college side of town to get our brunch on. For those of you who don’t know, Tallahassee has two very different parts: the areas around the university where bars and fast food abound and then the rest of the city that is less “GO NOLES!” and more farmers markets, funky restaurants, and places to shop. There is a ton of great food to be had on either side, but this week we decided to try out a place that has received great reviews, Prime Time.

PT1When we pulled in to the parking lot, I had to laugh a bit. When I was in college, Prime Time was Buffalo Wild Wings, or B-Dubs as my roommate’s boyfriend affectionately referred to it. It was a nice little nostalgic moment.  PT2 PT3 PT4The inside was a little strange, a sort of swanky sports bar theme that was neither swanky nor sports bar-y enough for things to really work, but it was dim, cool, and the seats were comfy, which I realized was perfect for a large portion of the customers stumbling in – hungover college students. PT5The food was solidly okay; the sweet potato fries and the home fries were amazing, but everything else was just good. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing to make the drive across town worth it either.  PT7 PT8 PT6

We did have a bit of an issue with our waiter (although the rest of the staff was wonderful); he was not really interested in waiting on our table. He screwed up our order and brought us three full meals instead of the two meals and an appetizer we ordered. He begrudgingly stopped by a couple times to give us refills, but most of the time he was hovering around the table of hung over girls next to us. Dude was getting his flirt on hard core, sliding into the booth to explain the complexities of the menu and keeping their bottomless mimosas topped off. Part of me found the whole thing pretty funny, and I kept a running commentary going since Andy’s back was to the table and he couldn’t see everything that was happening, but the other part of me was a little annoyed. Pouring alcohol into four young girls that were hungover, one of which kept excusing herself to the bathroom to throw up, was messed up. All that being said, I don’t think we’ll be heading back for brunch anytime soon. I think this means I am getting old.

Maple Street Biscuit Company

Before heading out to St. Augustine this past weekend, Andy and I decided to try out a new eatery near the university. I’d heard some good things about Maple Street Biscuit Company, and they certainly had wonderful online reviews, but I will admit my ultimate decision to grab breakfast on the way out of town was prompted by my discovery that they offer a vegetarian sausage gravy biscuit.

 MB6MB10 MB7 MB8

I found out after I got there that I had misunderstood the menu a little. They have a biscuit that comes with sausage gravy, and in parentheses the online menu said “vegetarian option available” which I thought meant vegetarian sausage gravy. What they actually have is a mushroom and shallot gravy that has a lot of the same flavors and the same loveable kick. I will say I was the teeniest bit disappointed, but I will absolutely be going back for another round



We went a little overboard with our ordering and ended up with my vegetarian biscuit and gravy (with an over easy egg), the “Farmer Biscuit”, a plain biscuit with a side of apple butter and an iced pecan biscuit. We shared and sampled, but I tapped out way early on, and Andy, being the gallant man he is, offered to take care of the rest of the food for me. All and all a pretty amazing meal; my biggest complaint would be the ladle full of icing dumped over the pecan biscuit. We moved it to a clean plate after letting the excess icing run off the top; great biscuit, but I think from now on we’ll ask for the icing on the side.


Not a bad way to start a long weekend, huh?