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Secret Wood

I’ve never been one to wear a lot of rings. I did try to do the hippy loads of sliver rings thing in college, but that didn’t last very long. I work with my hands a lot, baking, and crafting; heck, in college, I was sewing, drafting, and embellishing things left and right. With my short stubby fingers, rings just felt like they got in the way, and constantly taking them off and putting them back on during a project seemed, frankly, like a waste of time. It’s one of the reasons I have a modest engagement ring and wedding band set, and it still took the better part of a year to get used to them. So when I talk about liking a ring, it’s a pretty big deal; it has to be something special to turn my head. The Secret Wood ring collection did just that. Yes, they are on the bulkier side, but they look like rings from fairy tales long ago or the cat collar necklace bauble from Men in Black. Tiny worlds contained within a simple object.

Incredible, right? My favorites, of course, are the ones with flowers, but I think all of them are something special. Plus, no two are exactly alike, so each ring is a unique piece of art.

Images from here.

Friday Link Love

It’s weekend time folks, and it’s also National Doughnut Day. Check out your local shops, a lot of the bigger chains have free doughnuts today. My favorites are still the little powdered sugar doughnuts you can buy at the grocery store. They used to be called Sweet Sixteens, but I haven’t seen that brand in quite a while. Anyway, here are some links to get the weekend started.

Gorgeous “Her Majesty Ring” at Catbird.

My favorite Pinterest board of the week entitled “Meadow“.

I am really loving  these Equilateral Nails from General Store, a little pricey for everyday use, but perfect for a special project.

These beaded skulls from Our Exquisite Corpse are the result of a collaboration with the Huichol tribe of Western Mexico and artist Catherine Martin.(Don’t worry, they’re resin)

I love peonies and outdoor dining so this photo spread was right up my ally.

I’m not always the biggest fan of my home state, but I still want one of these Home T’s.

And last, but not least, a very love lamp DIY for you weekend crafting needs.