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I have a small shoe problem

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved shoes. It started with glass slippers (jelly shoes) and ballet dance shoes, and I’ve never gotten over them. Even when I went through my “I hate my body; I’ll only wear baggy clothes” adolescent phase, I still adored cute footwear, if anything probably a bit more because most days they were the only thing I put on that made me feel pretty.  Now that I am an adult, maturity-wise a bit debatable, but the math lines up, I have cultivate quite a collection of shoes. I even have to seperate storage locations. A huge storage cube in the front hall for the every day flats and sandals (Andy uses this area, too) and a rack in my walk in for the “special occasion” or more expensive pairs. As you might have guessed, I am never not in the market for a cute pair at the right price. Enter the deal on Goby shoes on Zulily.com this week. Artsy, funky, and all sorts of quirky. I could do some massive damage to my bank account if I wasn’t careful.

Goby 4 Goby 1 Goby 6 Goby 3 Goby 8 Goby 5 Goby 9 Goby 2 Goby 7

Since I can’t be trusted to be completely rational when it comes to shoes, Andy and I have come up with a pretty good trick to make sure that I really, REALLY, truly want what I am buying. If I find something I like, I have to walk away for at least 24 hours and, if I remember that I want them or if I want them badly enough to go back for them, then we consider making the investment. Not 100% fool proof, but it has cut down seriously on my impulse buying and has the added benefit of helping me work towards having a wardrobe vs. having stacks of random shoes and garments that don’t work together.


All images from Zulily.

Things I Love: Urban Decay

Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands of makeup.  They have everything from bright colors with glitter to subtle sexy nudes with just a hint of shimmer.  My absolute favorite product is the 24-7 Eyeliner.  As it’s name would suggest this is the longest lasting liner I have ever encountered.  It even made it through my car accident last year that resulted in an afternoon of sobbing, I was okay but my car was totaled, and about 2 boxes of tissues.  My eyes may have been red and puffy, but they were still perfectly lined.

Currently I am lusting after the Naked pallette, this collections of soft shimmerly neutrals are perfect for the office AND for an evening out, low key but still so sexy!

Conversely, my inner five year old has been throwing fits to try the Heavy Metal Glitter Liner, I can’t think of anything more fun than bold bright colors and lots of glitter.

Right now Urban Decay is having their Friends and Family Sale, and if you enter the code FFSUMMER11 you will receive 25% off your purchase (some exceptions apply).  Do yourself a huge favor and check out some of their great products, you might find your new “must have”. And with 25% off it’s the perfect time to try something new. Enjoy!