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The Salty Road

I was really excited when I saw this feature of the Brooklyn based confectioner  The Salty Road taffy company. A woman kicking ass in a male dominated profession, raising the art of something as simple and low-brow as salt water taffy? I knew two things, one – I needed to share this with you guys, and two – I need to try some of that taffy.

After looking around on their website a bit, I decided to buy a few of their “baby boxes” so I could try more flavors and have less to give away just in case I didn’t care for the flavor. After some needlessly complicated decision making, I selected my four flavors and a few days later I got this delightful little package in the mail.

To do an accurate sampling of the offerings, I selected two classic taffy flavors: Vanilla Bean & Strawberries and Cream, and two unusual flavors: Salted S’mores & Roasted Corn with Black Pepper. Andy and I tried all of them the day they came in and we had a mix of reactions. First of all, it wasn’t Andy’s thing, he is a bit salt sensitive and the crystals of sea salt proved to be a bit much for his personal taste. Me on the other hand, it was one of the big selling points on these tiny treats. My two favorites were the Salted S’mores and the Strawberries and Cream. The former was everything you want from the beloved campfire treat and the smoke element really made it something special. The Strawberries and Cream was a grown-up version of one of my all time favorite taffy flavors. There was a tang to the natural strawberry flavor that drove home the fact that this was made with real strawberries instead of flavored extract. The Vanilla Bean and the Roasted Corn with Black Pepper were perfectly fine, but not quite special enough to be repurchased in my next order. 

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical when I placed my order. Sure they were featured by Bon Appetit, but it’s taffy – how special can it be? But The Salty Road absolutely delivered. So much so that I am toying with the idea of buying a bunch of the baby boxes as stocking stuffers for friends and family, and I keeping my fingers crossed that there will be some sort of special holiday flavor that I can try out when I do.