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A Very Merry Blogaversary to Me!

That’s right ladies and gents, exactly one year ago today I posted my very first entry on this blog. Why it seems like only yesterday…..okay it really doesn’t, quite the opposite actually, it feels like I’ve been blogging forever. But I do remember how nervous I was, I wouldn’t post anything without making the husband (then fiancé) proof read multiple drafts, and just the formatting alone took an obscene amount of time.  Clearly that has changed, I am a lot more laid back about the whole process, and I know there have been some typos. I got an email from a friend a few days ago telling me how I had made her day by accidentally typing “pants” instead of “plants” in a post about my garden.  Evidently, the idea of me watering my “pants” made her morning a whole lot brighter.

I had considered making myself a cake to commemorate this day, but after work yesterday, the prospect of baking, decorating, and cleaning up after a cake I couldn’t even eat didn’t really appeal to me. So instead I am sharing a recipe I had been reserving for my brother’s birthday. My brother has never been a fan of sweets and this year he very gently requested that neither my mom nor myself force him to eat cake for his birthday. Obviously we completely respect his decision, but after years and years of showing our love for friends and family through baked goods we both wanted to come up with something to mark the occasion. My mom has concocted a super secret birthday food plan that I can not divulge at this time, but here is what I came up with. Smörgåstårta. No, I didn’t drop something on the keyboard, smorgastarta is a Scandinavian savory sandwich/cake that is traditionally served at weddings and birthday parties. Here’s how you make one:


  • bread
  • veggies/cold cuts
  • cream cheese
  • sour cream


Slice bread into even layers. Trim crusts to make your desired shape.

Create cake “layers” by topping one piece of the bread with veggies/cold cuts, repeating this step as many times as you deem appropriate. Top with remaining slice of bread.

Create a cream cheese/sour cream mixture with even parts of each ingredient in a quantity sufficient to “frost” your cake. Start at the top and then carefully work around the sides.

Garnish with additional veggies/cold cuts

Slice then enjoy!

Images and recipe from here.