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Bohemian Blouses

As the temperature rises and long sleeves are no longer necessary, I find myself looking longingly at the light billowy shirts that are making their way into the stores. Of course Anthropologie has a wonderful collection of beautiful blouses & button-downs that I would LOVE to fill my closet with. You know, if I could afford to spend my entire paycheck on clothes. These are a few of my favorite pieces.

Blouse 2 Blouse 3 Blouse 5 Blouse 4 Blouse 6 Blouse 7 Blouse 1 Blouse 8

The flowers, the quirky cuts and whimsical details? I can’t get enough. Is there someone out there who’d like to give me an Anthropologie shopping spree for my birthday? Pretty please?



All images from Anthropologie.

It’s only because it is raining…

I only have a three day work week because of the 4th, but it has been such a long week! We are cleaning out the storage unit for all of the companies old files and it is hot dusty work. All the lifting has definitely been a work out so the experience hasn’t been a total loss, but consequently I’ve haven’t been good for much in the evenings. I even convinced myself that reading through emails while watching TV counted as multitasking and was therefore a perfectly rational use of my non-work hours. Plus it’s been raining so it wasn’t like I could do the yard work I’d been planning anyway. So while I was multitasking last night, I clicked around one of my favorite online t-shirt stores looking through the new designs and poking around the sales section, after that I did what every crazy cat lady does and searched the site for “cat” shirts. Here are six of my favorite.

Cat Shirts 3 Cat Shirts 5 Cat Shirts 6 Cat Shirts 4 Cat Shirts 2 Cat Shirts 1

I limited myself to six, but there are more, a lot more. After me exclaiming “I want this one too” more than I dozen times the husband stopped looking at each new picture and resorted to making non-committal noises or nodding.

All images from Threadless.