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Shopping Dilemmas: Shoes for Wider Feet

It is a rare woman who can just walk into a store and indiscriminately shop, since most of us have something we have to work around to find something in a standard size industry. Wide width shoes are one of the hardest things to track down. I am blessed in that, although I am a size 10/11, my foot is relatively narrow so I can usually find plenty of options IRL, but I have several friends who almost exclusively have to shop for their footwear online. Less than optimal, but better than nothing, right? In the spirit of sharing resources, I have put together a list of retailers that cater to this particular need. Every company is one that I or someone I know closely have had success with in the past.

DSW – 
With a company like this, there really isn’t a defined “style”. There is a bit of everything, but with some digging and a little luck, you can find something really great. The only drawback I saw was that their wider widths didn’t always come in sizes larger than a women’s 10 and a lot of the women I know who need wider shoes trend towards the extended sizes.

A little more sedate, these shoes are built mostly for comfort, but they offer great basics for your daily life.

Very on-trend, lots of fun flashy footwear. Sometimes you may have to sacrifice a bit of comfort for the sake of fashion, but there are still plenty of options that satisfy both. 

While the options are a bit limited, this is a great place to go for fun quirky footwear. Designs are rotated out with each new collection, so if you see something you like, keep an eye out and it’ll most likely be in sale in just a bit.

Woman Within-
At first glance, this might not be seen as the most fashionable alternative, but with a selection this large, there is always something special if you just look for it. This site also has the added benefit of extra-wide widths.

This site comes in somewhere between Clarks and Woman Within when it comes to their options. The focus is mainly on comfort, but there are some wonderful wardrobe staples to be found.

The down side is that many of these shoes comes with the elevated price tag that is standard with anything that is outside of the industry “normal”, though many of them have email newsletters that let you know when there are going to be sales or special coupons. I am definitely willing to sort through some spam if it means getting a crazy good deal. Just saying.

What is your shopping dilemma? Do you have any go-to retailers that you swear by?