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Burrowing Home

Sunday night was one of those perfect low key evenings. Andy had his new video game extension pack to play, so I got to hang out on the couch and read/click around Etsy all evening without feeling like I was ignoring my husband. Which may sound a bit boring, but with left over pizza and some vegan carrot cake, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. My Etsy browsing turned up this sweet little shop called Burrowing Home.

Burrowing Home 1 Burrowing Home 4 Burrowing Home1 Burrowing Home 2 Burrowing Home 3 Burrowing Home 5

I have to admit it was the temporary tattoos that drew me in, I wouldn’t mind getting a bunny tattoo one day…

All images are from Burrowing Home.


Last weekend Andy and I took a quick jount across the state line to Thomasville GA. We recently discovered that the town has a nice little downtown area with lots of great restaurants and quirky little shops. My absolute favorite shop to visit is called Firefly.  The store is the tiniest bit creepy, but it is chalk full of nooks and crannies that contain tiny treasures.

I desperately want the mason jar lighting fixture that is suspended over the check-out counter. I keep telling Andy that it would be perfect for our dining room, but he’s all like “No, we need to have a ceiling fan in there so it won’t get hot.” Blah, blah, blah, logical reasoning and practicality. Oh well, I guess one of us has to be the responsible one.

I know it’s possible

Sometimes, I wonder when am I ever going to be able to stop working a job and start working on a career. Lately my career progress has been about as productive as trying to walk up the down escalator. I know it can be done, and I can see the top, but I keep getting dragged back down and tripped up.

I was on the phone with my mom this morning, discussing how similar our current job positions are and it hit me again. After five years of college, thousands of dollars of students loans, a bachelors degree and a semester of grad school, I am working a job that is only vaguely more complex than hers, for slightly more money. A job that I was qualified for before college, and I  now have to keep because of the debt I accrued getting the education that was supposed to have prevented being stuck in this very position. But I digress…

While things seem a little bleak right now, I know I am lucky to have a job in this economy, and I know that eventually I will progress past this. When I am feeling particularly glum I like to scroll through my blog favorites and remind myself that there are people who have made a success of their dreams. One of my favorite image sources comes from the blog Saipua, which is written by the owner of a Brooklyn based flower and soap shop bearing the same name. It has been wonderful to follow her journey and to see how fruitful perseverance, hard work and a little tenacity can be.

The shop owner just celebrate the success of her first pop-up Valentine’s Day shop and the acquisition of a long sought after farm. She and her husband are currently rebuilding and renovating the farmhouse and land. Thus giving them their dream home and fulfilling one of her long time goals of  being able to grow some of the flower stock for the shop.

Images from a feature in Lovingly Simple.