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Vans & Van Gogh

I don’t know why this didn’t happen sooner but Vans finally meets Van Gogh. In this wonderfully alliterative combination, the well known athletic brand has created a collection based around four of the creative genius’s works. Finding inspiration in —SkullSunflowersAlmond BlossomSelf-Portrait as a PainterOld Vineyard with Peasant Woman— which offer glimpses into certain moments in the artist life, these  wearable masterpieces are now available to the masses.

Almond Blossom is one of my favorite pieces by Van Gogh and without a doubt my favorite part of this collection.  I would buy every single piece if I could.

The collection will be sold online at both Vans and at the Van Gogh Museum’s gift shop, and the museum will be donating all profits from the collaboration to the preservation of the Van Gogh collection and keeping the artist’s legacy alive.

Images from here. 

Double DIY: Designer Sneakers

I became interested in fashion at a very early age.  My mom still likes to tell stories about me strutting around the house in a tiara, tutu and my “movie star” heart-shaped sunglasses.  Fortunately labels never really mattered so she could indulge my endless need for glass slippers (jelly shoes $0.50-$1 a pair) and for the things that we couldn’t find she taught me how to make the most with what you’ve got.  These sneaker DIY’s are exactly the sort of project we used to tackle.  I still remember helping my mom cover our dining room table in newspaper, pulling out the fabric paints and spending what seemed like hours with my feet curled under me, my tongue sticking out the side of my mouth, painstakingly creating my perfect pair of footwear.  These ladies take painting your own sneakers to a whole new level. Kicking it up a few notches if you will.

Honestly…WTF: DIY Mui Mui Sneakers

Poppy Talk: DIY Missoni Sneakers

Come on, you know this makes your finger itch for some fabric paint and rhinestones.

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