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Weekend Recap – MaClay Gardens

Happy Monday! Hopefully you are far luckier than I am and you are off for MLK; I am stuck at the office because it is officially tax season again. Monday blahs aside, it was a beautiful weekend. We had two days of incredibly rare perfect weather. Sunny and bright without being hot or glaring, with a lovely breeze and plenty of cool shady patches. Andy and I spent some time walking around MaClay Gardens (one of our favorite places here in town) basking in perfection of the day.

MaClay 1
MaClay 2 MaClay 3
MaClay 4
The front lawn was so incredibly lush and green, it would have been perfect for a picnic or cloud gazing, but it was still a bit soggy front the previous night’s rain. Next time I’ll bring a blanket to lay on.
MaClay 25 MaClay 28
MaClay 26 MaClay 23 MaClay 29
Remember those shady cool patches I mentioned?
MaClay 12
MaClay 10 MaClay 9 MaClay 11  MaClay 20 MaClay 6
MaClay 7 MaClay 8
The hot/cold hot/cold weather has clearly taken a toll on the plants, but it was kind of cool to see flowers that were still in fact blooming in spite of the frost damage to their petals.
MaClay 27 MaClay 17  MaClay 30 MaClay 21 MaClay 15
A bit early, but clearly spring is trying to get a toe-hold in Tallahassee. At this rate, the gardens will be covered in pink and white by the end of February, and I’ll be spending as much time there as I can, with a heavy dose of allergy meds of course.


Before I had to worry about “tax season” Spring was my absolute favorite time of year here in Florida.  Since many a Christmas has seen the thermostat at 80 degree I look forward to the cold snap that hits around the beginning of March. Fortunately, this year I make it home early enough to open the screen door and let the furry babies enjoy the “kitty tv” while I enjoy the cool breeze, the chirping cardinals and the deliciously sweet scent of the tea olive bushes by the door. This is also the time of year I do most of my cothing shopping.  Sadly, I haven’t really found many items that just scream “BUY ME!”

This collection by Noa Noa is exactly the sort of thing I love. Unfortunately, a bit out of my price range, but as Andy keeps reminding me, I have a degree in design and the best way to whip my sewing skills back into shape is by making some things for myself.  I’m not quite ready to jump back in yet, but my office is shaping up quite nicely and soon I am going to be all out of excuses.


Images from here.


I finally got around to downloading the pictures from my digital camera.  There were about two years worth of photos, which is probably a new record.  Something about having to locate the connection cable just seems so tedious to me.  I will say it was really nice to see some of these images again.

Below are some shots of our most recent trip to Boston.  While the trip had some seriously stressful moments (me getting lost, shady hotel and Andy having to work), I spent the most amazing day reading in Copley Square.  The sky was clear and a breathtaking blue, and the temperature was only in the low seventies. It was absolute heaven, and I don’t know how I didn’t end up sunburned.  The majority of the day was spent sitting the the benches across the reflecting pool from these two beautiful churches.  The tiny blue one was my favorite.  I may have even contemplated moving the wedding to Boston, just so could have gotten married there. Fortunately we’d already booked and payed for our venue, or our guest would be traveling quite a bit farther.

Hopefully, the next time we go back for a visit will be in the spring.  The trip we took last December resulted in me being a very frozen Julie Popsicle.  I like cold weather but jeez!  I don’t know if i’m all that anxious for another bout of Boston winter weather.