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Les Petite Pleasures – St. Augustine Beach

“You would like this French patisserie, Les Petite Pleasures. So many yummies.” This is the text I got from my Aunt Ingrid that started this little adventure. A little back story: Ingrid, as I just stated, is my aunt. She is a year younger than me, long story, and since we lived in the same town, we saw a fair bit of one another growing up. While we’re very different people -she is quite glamorous and owns her own company while I spend a great deal of time inadvertently covered in flour and my favorite makeup product is iridescent cheek shimmer-, we both appreciate good food and the thrill of discovering a hidden local gem. So I completely believed her when she said I’d enjoy the patisserie. When we all met up for dinner again later that day (family reunion beach trip), she gave me the run down, and we decided to meet up there for breakfast the following morning.

I was not expecting this place to be as cute as it was. Even though gentrification is alive and well in this tourist town, thing tend to be….well…a bit gimmicky. Les Petite Pleasures was charming with a delightful vintage flair. I had the best time walking around and peering into their display cases and checking out their wall part. Not to mention that odd, but cute take on jelly fish over the register.

I’ve never seen branches, pom poms, and jellyfish all in the same display, but I don’t hate it.

While we were working through our breakfast croissants and crepes, we could hear the chef in the back singing along to french pop music, which made the whole experience that much more authentic ūüôā

The pastry case called to me, loudly and the entire time I was there, but alas it was not to be. We were stuffed from breakfast, and since we weren’t going to be heading straight home, we didn’t want to chance our pastry melting in the horrendous Florida heat. Next time we’ll make sure we can stock up.

Great food, fun ambiance, and getting to share it with people you love. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

St. Augustine

Even though the family reunion actually takes place at Crescent Beach, we always come up with a reason to make the 15 minute drive to downtown St. Augustine. This year was obviously no exception, but since I was only going to be able to stay for a long weekend, my Aunt Ingrid, my Aunt Diane and I decided to have a girls day out and hit up the shops/cafes on Sunday. It never ceases to amaze me how you can go somewhere for years and feel like you know it like the back of you hand. Then, you go with someone else, and it seems like a whole new place. Sure, there were a few places that lined up for all of us, but I’d never been into some of the galleries we walked through or seen some of the private gardens we discovered as we skirted around the edge of the “tourist” area.

SA10 SA8

SA15 SA5 SA14

SA7 SA6 SA11 SA12

SA13 SA9 SA4

I really do love St. Augustine; for a while, I had even¬†considered going to Flagler College just so I could spend my undergraduate years strolling the cobble streets and taking in the ocean breeze. Ultimately, I realized that, as much fun as I have one week out of the year, it wasn’t enough to base such a big decision on.¬†Much better to move to a place¬†I’d¬†only seen once before orientation; at least they had my desired major.

Wanting More White Sand

I can’t stop looking at this beach Pinterest board entitled A. CASA DE IBIZA: How beautiful it is to do nothing and rest afterward. It makes me miss St. Augustine and my family. Even though I am really not a summer person I love¬† Crescent Beach. How the blindingly white the sand is at midday. How gorgeously blue grey and cool the water is as you step off of the burning sand. How once you swim out a little you can float around in the swells and take deep breaths of the rich salty air. I even love the layer of salt that I have to clean off my glasses and rinse out of my hair every time I get out of the ocean.

Beach 6

Beach 4Beach 2 Beach 5 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Beach 7 Beach 8Beach 1

Man, being landlocked and office bound really does suck some days.

St. Augustine

I finally downloaded all the pictures from my camera! Here are some of my favorite St. Augustine photos.

St. Augustine 1 St. Augustine 3 St. Augustine 2 St. Augustine 6 St. Augustine 7 St. Augustine 5 St. Augustine 4

I thought this little guy was about as cute as a tortoise could get, he wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about me. He gave me about two minutes to get some pictures and then he meandered back into the dunes.

St. Augustine 12 St. Augustine 8 St. Augustine 10 St. Augustine 9 St. Augustine 11

It’s hard to believe that this time last week I was having breakfast with my extended family with the beach right off the back porch. My dad’s family has been gathering at the beach one week every summer for as long as I’ve been alive. Every time I sink my toes into the beautiful powdery sand it feels like I never left.

Crescent Beach

So I seem to be¬†experiencing¬†a post vacation flu. ¬†I’ve spent most of my day trying to sleep, but my furry helpers decided I needed to be awake. So here I sit, on the couch watching reruns and wishing I was back at the beach.

My family has been coming to Crescent Beach for years. Every time I step back out on to that powdery white sand, it feel like I never left. I may not do so well in direct sunlight (sunburn in less that 10 minutes), but at sunrise and sunset there is very few places that i’d rather be.