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Wedding Peeps!

To all my wonderful friends planning a wedding, look at all the pretty things! A few weeks ago I got an email from Anthropologie introducing BHLDN Weddings; a combination website and traveling trunk show (check locations here). I wish this had been around when Andy and I were tying the knot, so many pretty things.



BHLDN 4.1           BHLDN 4.2

BHLDN 3.1   BHLDN 3.2   BHLDN 3.3 BHLDN 5

They’ve got a little bit ever everything wedding dresses, non-wedding dress, decor, keepsakes, shoes and even stationary. Even if you aren’t getting married it’s worth taking a look since many of the items don’t have to be “wedding only”. Oh, and they have inspiration pages as well.

All images from BHLDN Weddings.

For Us Crazy Pet Owners

I am a crazy cat lady, and Andy and I are a crazy cat couple. Our fluffy children are very spoiled, and they keep us wrapped around those cute little paws of theirs with very little effort. We refer to this as being “fuzzy whipped” in the Bucior household. It’s not hard to believe that I instantly fell in love with these custom return address stamps by Paper Pastries on Etsy. What a cool way to spruce up you stationary and add another layer of pet obsession to your life.

Pet Stamp 1 Pet Stamp 2 Pet Stamp 4 Pet Stamp 3 Pet Stamp 5

The only problem I can think if is trying to choose which pet to immortalize.

All images from here.