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Thinking Inside the Box: Le Tote

Well folks, this is my last box review for my Le Tote subscription. It was probably the best final box to receive because 4 of the 5 items didn’t work for me. With the exception of the 1st box, I would say that this was the one that I liked the least. Okay, down to the review.

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Octavia Pastel Printed Maxi Dress – I was co-hosting a baby shower and thought this would be the perfect thing to wear, and it would have been. If, you know, it actually fit the way it was supposed to. My torso is really long, and the waistline was up around my ribcage. Not really all that flattering.

Summer & Sage Striped Maxi Dress – I almost bought this. As in I hung it up in my closet, took it out, hung it up, took it back out….you get the picture. The final decision was made when I attempted to photograph myself in the dress and they all turned about horribly, so back it goes.

Summer & Sage Asymetric Hem Dress –¬†Great color, super soft, but very unforgiving. Didn’t even make it out of the house.


Circus by Sam Edelman Roll Top Clutch – I wasn’t a 100% about this when I picked it, and when I saw it in person, it just wasn’t for me. The size was a little weird, and the handle was uncomfortable. Ultimately, I didn’t even take it out of the house.


Octavia & Co Feather Bangle – LOVED this, but it was to small for my hand.

Verdict: This is a really cool subscription service. If you have the money and like to try out new things, this is absolutely perfect. I would caution that if you stray to the plus size of sizing you might not be able to find a whole lot, my available options were much more limited then someone who wears a medium, and I am right at the edge between standard and plus sizing. I will say there is a little bit of disappointment that I spent all that money and have nothing tangible to show for it, but all and all, a worthwhile experience.