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Getting Sugared & We Have a Winner!!!

We are back in Florida! It was an amazing trip; it was so good to catch up with my friends, and I adore their little girls. I mean, is there really anything better than baby snuggle? At least while your biological clock is in overdrive, that is. One of the things Rebecca and John are really good about is finding interesting local things to do when they have guests. On Friday we went strawberry picking (more on that later), and before we took to the fields we went to Sugar for breakfast.Sugar7

Sugar started out as a food truck offering fresh handmade gourmet donuts daily, but they now have a storefront that was conveniently located right around the corner from where we needed to be. We also learned when we were looking up the address that they’d been awarded “Best Donut” by Charlotte Magazine.

Sugar5 Sugar3 Sugar4 Sugar2 Sugar1

We ended up with an Earl Grey Glazed, a Maple Bacon, a Raspberry White Chocolate, a Raspberry Dark Chocolate, and a Dark Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles. I can’t personally vouch for the bacon donut, but everyone else said it was delicious. My favorite was the Raspberry White Chocolate. The glaze was a little tart and very flavorful, and the fresh berries on the top were a great addition. We all left feeling satisfied and very, very full.

Sugar6 Sugar8 Sugar9

Did you see the lavender walls and the tea cup lamps? They even have purple cords! This place is now on my “must do” list for Charlotte restaurants, and I can’t wait to take Andy there the next time we are in town. I should consider myself lucky that they don’t have a Tallahassee shop, or my pants would never fit again.

VYLETTE GIVEAWAY UPDATE: Congratulations, Marie! I will be contacting you soon so I can get your prize to you.