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Sweet Surprise…

Last night, Andy and I were doing our usual post dinner activity, watching TV while working on our laptops, and Andy showed me a feature on this Sugar Skull Spoon Kickstarter and mentioned that it seemed like something I’d like. I agreed, said it was pretty cool and I wouldn’t mind having one. Next thing I know, I got a forwarded email from Andy letting me know that my Sugar Skull Spoon had been ordered and would ship in the next few days. BEST HUSBAND EVER!

SSS 1 SSS 2 SSS 3 SSS 5 SSS 43

If you’re interested in a spoon of your very own they’re available at Hundred Million.


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Dia de los Muertos

Today is the second day of the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos meaning day of the dead.  On this holiday families gather with friends and family to remember the loved ones that have passed on. Families build altars in their homes set with candles, favorite foods, toys and sugar skulls.  A trip the the cemetery is made so that the head stones can be cleaned and decorated to make sure that spirits know they are missed and loved.

Sugar skulls are probably one of the most well recognized icons of this holiday. These tiny treats are decorated with colorful designs and flowers, often inscribed with the name of a lost loved one. This photo shoot by John Rees really captures the haunting beauty of this holiday.

For more information on Dia de los Muertos click here.

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