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Star Lights

I am in love with these Stargazer Lights from Terrain! I have visions of light filled apothecary or bell jars lining my mantle for the holiday season. These sweet little strands are so versatile you can find ways to use them year round. For me, I am planning on getting a few different strand lengths so I can use them for things like the aforementioned jars, but also for larger projects like lighted garlands or table runners. I really liked that Terrain included a number of different decorating ideas on the purchase page.

Terrain 8 Terrain 7 Terrain 5 Terrain 4 Terrain 3 Terrain 1 Terrain 2 Terrain 6 Terrain 9

Lighted fire pit anyone? You wouldn’t be able to make s’mores, but you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the smoke smell out of your hair and clothes either. Pretty and great for outdoor parties with little ones or clumsy larger ones. *coughAndycough*

All images from Terrain.

Crafting Essentials

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I am really into DIY projects and crafts of almost any kind.  I have drawers full of odds and ends and things that I feel like I might “someday” need. As nice as it is to have all of those specialty items at my fingertips, crafting is a lot like baking in that there are some basic items you need to keep on hand. Cyd, from The Sweetest Occasion recently posted this list of what she considers to be crafting essentials.


I think it’s a pretty comprehensive list. I also keep all of these items on hand, although I don’t really have a preferred brand of paint. There are three other things that are on my personal list: a sharp pair of scissors, a hot glue gun and a spray can of multi-purpose gloss spray paint.

Image from The Sweetest Occasion.

A Pie Party!?

I am going admit, up front, that I blatantly stole this idea and picture from The Sweetest Occasion. I am going to have a holiday crafting party and a fall canning party, but I never even thought about a pie party. I don’t know how this never occurred to me! I have had Thanksgiving with the Buciors for the last two years and I have seen the amount of pie that those boys can go through, it really should have been a no brainier.

{Shop: Pie plate / rolling pin / apple corer / wine bottle / pie server / tea towel / honey / mixing bowl / teak measuring spoons.}

Plus it is a perfect excuse to buy baking supplies. Look at that apple corer/slicer/peeler! I need one of those, immediately if not sooner. I even went to the product link and watched the video twice! Okay, it was three times, but that only helps my argument. So to sum up, I am going to have a pie party, probably the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I am going to convince Andy that the only way he’ll get pie this year is if I get that corer. I am going to need your help with this, the next time any of you see my husband you might drop a gentle hint along the lines of, “wow, that is really sweet that your wife makes all those wonderful baked good for you, I bet she would even make you pie if only she had a combination corer/slicer/peeler like that one from Bed Bath and Beyond.” You know, something subtle like that.

DIY Meets Office Supplies!

Sometimes the work day can be unbearably long. The phone doesn’t ring, everyone else leaves early, and you find yourself alone in the office with three more hours until quitting time. What to do, what to do, what to do? You can play that game where you take turns opening and closing each of your eyes. You know, where it looks like the file cabinet is next to the poster one way and in front of the poster the other. Next to, in front of, next to, in front of. It’s good for about five minutes, but you’ve got hours to fill. To help alleviate some of the tedium I present you with Desk-Friendly DIY’s courtesy of The Mod Cloth Blog!

And there you have it, three great ways to waste time at the office while still doing something that could almost be considered work. A well organized and visually appealing work environment makes for happy employees right?