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Weekend Recap

Alas, this weekend was not a three day weekend for me, but I did get to spend plenty of time with some of my favorite people, so it was still a pretty great weekend. Since we only had Ben and Karen here for two days, the bulk of our time was spent hanging out and visiting with my other brother in law and his wife at their place. We did manage to make it out for brunch both days and take a walk around Cascades Park located downtown.

Saturday morning we went to one of my all time favorite local spots, a vegan place called Sweet Pea Cafe. They had my favorite green tea sugar cookies and my new favorite cookie, red bean filled green tea sugar cookies. I wanted to get a few extra to go, but they were sold out. We actually made it up and out of the house pretty early on Sunday, so after grabbing breakfast at Canopy Road Cafe (another local favorite), we made our way to Cascade. The early hour meant we had the place pretty much to ourselves.   Cascade has a cool kids area, so Karen and I spent some time squishing around barefoot in the sand. The boys decided to keep their shoes on, but they did join in when it came to playing with the old school water pump and jumping around on the play logs.  Since the park is located downtown, one side runs up against the railroad tracks. We did get to see an empty freight train later on in our visit, but I forgot to take a picture, distracted by the elaborate tags is boasted. It may be illegal, but I think graffiti artists are doing them a favor by sprucing up the old cars.  Even though we’d already had breakfast we decided to stop in at The Edison for a drink (and key lime pie). The restaurant is housed in an old building that used to be owned by the electric company, and the owners have given a playful nod to its origins when it comes to decor.
Like I said, it was a really great weekend and far too short. Hopefully we’ll all be seeing each other in Chicago later this year. It’ll be my first trip to the Windy City, and there is already a mile long list of all the places I want to see.

Weekend Recap

Well, it was quite a busy weekend. My friend Stefanie was in town, and since she needed to promote her kids yoga teacher training coming up (you can register here *wink wink*), we decided to hit up some of the different Saturday morning markets that take place in town every weekend.

w9 w8 w12Amidst all my friend-supporting, I discovered this delightful stall: 221B Baker’s Treat. Their mystery-themed goods include Sherlock Scones, Dr. Watson’s Brownies, and Ms. Hudson’s Cookies. Even better, they have both vegan and gluten free treats. We chatted up the baker and her husband and discovered that along with themed offerings, the baked goods use locally sourced ingredients, and the flavors are dictated by seasonal offerings.  I am planning on dragging Andy back to stock up on more scones the next chance I get.w11 w10 w7 After the downtown market, we hit the Market Square farmers market; it’s much smaller so it was more of an in and out kind of thing. Probably not a bad thing, considering I noticed some flowering plants that would look great in my front yard…w6 w5 We took a break and grabbed brunch at Sweet Pea Cafe. So much amazing vegan food, so little time. They even had the Green Tea Sugar cookies that I love; I bought two to take home for later. It was so good we even went back on Sunday before she had to head home.w4 w2 w3 We did another round of flyer hand-outs around Lake Ella and then met up with our friend Lexy, grabbed ice cream, and spent the next couple of hours catching up and thoroughly enjoying our girl time. Unfortunately the sundae below was not mine, mine was considerably less picturesque, but equally delicious. w1 w14 w13Sunday was mostly dedicated to Andy and I running errands, but we did manage to grab brunch (at the aforementioned Sweet Pea Cafe) with Stefanie and my adorable corgi niece Ruby. She loves me quite a bit, but the last time she was in town Andy gave her ear scratches and brushed her for THREE HOURS while we watched movies. Needless to say, I have been replaced as her favorite human who isn’t her mom 🙂

Sweet Pea Cafe

This past weekend I finally got around to trying out our local vegan restaurant Sweet Pea Café. I’ve been hearing about Sweet Pea on and off now for a couple of years, but I always came up with a reason not to drive across town. Now I am kicking myself, I could have been eating the AMAZING food from this place for YEARS!

SP2 SP10 SP7We got there right as they opened on Saturday; we choose to go on the weekend since they add a couple specialty brunch items to the menu. While we waited for our order, I had the chance to poke around the tiny indoor dining space. The outdoor patio area is about twice the size of the inside, so if the weather is nice, we’ll probably eat out there next time.

SP9 SP13 SP14 SP11 SP12

The entire place was very laid back, the kind of place you can feel equally comfortable running in and out of for a quick bite or spending a couple hours savoring coffee and a good book.  Bottles of fresh flowers and herbs adorned the vintage booths, the table tops were covered in colorful mosaics and the walls were coved in local art and flyers for different community events or volunteer opportunities.


To the good stuff now, the food. The food, was…just…wow. We ordered a brunch special with cheezy grits, tofu scramble, mixed skillet potatoes and local greens and the Falawesome (a falafel wrap) with the house fries. The special was initially supposed to be mine, and it was really good, but then Andy let me have a bite of his wrap… and that was it. We traded, my idea, but Andy was completely fine with it because A – he loves greens and B – the wrap had a lot of onion, and Andy has a slight allergy. But the wrap, the wrap! I could eat that wrap every day and never get tired of it. It poses quite the dilemma for our next visit. Do I get the wrap again or do I try one of the other interesting menu options like the Spicy Tofu BLT, The Tempei Rueben or the Buffalo Fried Cauliflower? What’s a girl to do?