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Fancy Schmanchy Tablescapes

Andy and I are having a Pre-Thanksgiving Shindig with some of our local friends this weekend. We all still travel to spend the big holidays with our respective families, but were sort of bummed that we never get to hang out with one another to celebrate. Also, it was the perfect excuse to watch movies, make hand print turkeys and drink sangria. Since Andy and I are hosting I figured I should make some effort with regards to decorations. I had no idea how seriously some people take their Thanksgiving tables. I was clicking around the Southern Living website and I discovered Tablescapes. Here are a few of my favorites:

Natural Thanksgiving Tablescape


Dramatic Thanksgiving Tablescape


Sparkling Thanksgiving Tablescape


Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting

This last one is just a “table setting”. I guess it isn’t fancy enough to be a tablescape? I thought I was doing good buying themed disposable plates and silverware. I mean these tables are nice and all, but who wants to cook and decorate all day then spend the rest of the evening cleaning up? Plus knowing me, my husband and our five cats something expensive would get broken for sure. Maybe this is one of those things I need to be a little older to appreciate? We’ll see……