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Things I Wish I Knew Three Days Ago


Like many of you, Andy and I just had to use our grill this weekend. And by “we”, I mean “Andy”; the grill is his domain. I’ll stick with the prep work, inside, in the air conditioning, away from bugs. Besides, I don’t really know why standing outside in the ungodly heat, cooking over fire, makes you an good American, but who am I to argue with years and years of senselessly following tradition?  Especially when it yields tasty fire roasted goodness that I didn’t have to make. This year we decided to give grilling fruit a shot. I picked out some ripe nectarines, told the husband that all he had to do was cut them in half and lay them on the grill. Turns out I missed a few steps, and though the result was delicious it wasn’t very pretty and the process thoroughly stressed my sun baked hubby. I honestly thought that we’d done everything right and that grilling fruit was a messy tedious process, and not one we’d likely undertake again. then I read a post entitled “How to Grill Fruit” (you can read the full post, including recipes here on Henry Happened).

Here are the tips…

  • Choose ripe, but firm, fruit that will hold its shape when grilling.
  • Soak the fruit in cold water or juice ahead of time. This helps the fruit retain water so it stays juicy on the grill. Keep the fruit submerged for about 20 minutes so that it takes in all the moisture. You can also flavor the water with complementary herbs and spices. For grilled peaches, I chose cinnamon sticks, but coconut sugar and nutmeg would have also added a nice touch. Just be careful about the amount of sugar you use because it can burn.
  • Use a clean cooking grate. Be sure to scrape off any residue from the grate or it will leave unwanted black specks and the taste of whatever was on there before.
  • Brush the fruit and the grate with a fat that has a high smoke point, like coconut oil or ghee.
  • Cook the fruit over medium heat on a grill pan (if cooking indoors) or indirect medium heat on an outdoor grill. Fruit doesn’t take long, so be sure to keep an eye on it.
  • Grill the presentation side down first. This means, choose the side that you want to show when you serve it and grill that first. It gets the cleanest contact with the grill.
  • If possible, aim for crosshatch marks, which tends to be easier to achieve with flatter pieces of fruit. Do this by placing the fruit first on a 45° angle, then rotating it 90° and searing it again.

I was so wrong! We probably won’t be grilling again until at least the weekend, but with this knowledge in hand I feel like we should try again. And by “we”, I mean “Andy”.

*This is all very tongue in cheek, yes Andy is the grill master, but I do help if he needs me to. That’s just how we roll.

Image from here.