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Floral Wishlist

The weather just keeps getting warmer here in sunny Florida, and as the sun shines brighter and the thermostat climbs, I am finding myself wanting to forsake my signature black attire and don something lighter in both feel and in color. The resurgence of 90’s florals has hit me with a big dose of nostalgia, and I find myself lingering over this or that, thinking about the thing I had way back when that looked so very much like it. So many items in fact, I decided to put together a little wishlist and share it with you guys.

  1. Floral Twist Bikini Top & BottomTorrid
  2. Sleeveless Angled Hemmed Midi DressSoma
  3. Bekah Slip DressFashion to Figure
  4. Floral Bouquet LeggingsLoralette
  5. Floral Ear Cuff – Chelsea’s Flowercrowns
  6. Floral Hi-Low TopForever21
  7. Deva Double Flower Drop EarringsFrancesca’s
  8. Macinee Flip FlopsNine West
  9. Floral SunglassesAmazon

Obviously, I just can’t help myself, and there is a little bit of black in this featured group, but much much less than usual.  When I saw that floral ear cuff in the middle? I almost died, it’s so gorgeous and the perfect option for days when a traditional full flower crown might be a bit oppressive. I find myself quite torn between simply purchasing it or attempting to DIY one for myself so I can have exactly what I want. The safe bet would be to just do both though, right? 😉

Riley Rose

Grand openings are supposed to be fun and exciting. In my experience though, they’re usually just loud crowded and frustrating. This Saturday changed all of that for me though. The grand opening of Riley Rose this weekend in our local mall was something I knew I was going to want to try out, but I was admittedly a bit trepidatious based on past experiences. That lasted about 30 seconds after I walked through the front door; from that point on, it was an absolute blast.

The initial glee experienced might have something to do with the table of glitter and shimmery products two steps inside the door. I must have spent 15 minutes at least poking through all of the options and creating a chunky glitter highlight on my right cheek. 
There were also tons of festival inspired extras – light halo mermaid scale temp tattoos and these awesome rhinestone face accents. Heck, I even found tiny fluttery blue butterflies that came with 3D flower stickers so you could really get your inner flower hippy on.Oh yeah, and anyone who made a purchase got free strawberry cotton candy, which was surprisingly good. One of the most exciting things about Riley Rose, for me at least, was how many of the brands they carried in store that I’d previously only had online access to. After at least two years of hemming and hawing, I finally got my hands on the Winky Lux AND Sugar Pill lipsticks I’ve been wanting to try.  There wasn’t just make up though; Riley Rose had a bit of everything: cosmetics, fragrances, hair products, skin care items, stationary, home goods and all manner of fun snack food.   That sound that girls make when they’re really excited? I made that sound for about two solid minutes when I discovered these Compartes bars in their candy section. So much easier that having to have them shipped all the way from CA!After dancing around to the late 90’s/early 00’s songs being played by the DJ and checking out every last corner of this amazing place, I made my final selections and checked out. Since it was the grand opening and I spent more than $45, I got 20% off and a goodie bag filled with samples and freebies. This is going to sound a bit silly, but I really do think I’ve found my new favorite place.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For
Pink –  Just Like Fire

These Wonderland inspired music videos inspire a level of giddiness in me that goes undiminished as time passes; the same type of giddiness was caused by this photo shoot from Chotronette. Accuracy be damned, that bunny dress is fantastic, and I don’t care what color ears I have to get to wear it. Heck, I think I even have a Pinterest DIY for lace ears saved somewhere. I’ll make my own damn ears if I have to! As if it wasn’t cute enough on its own, the description makes it even better:

Add two teaspoons of dark chocolate and mix together with strawberry mousse. Garnish with a fondant giant bow and mille feuille ruffles and serve on a victorian cliff house tea party.

Don’t get me wrong: this gorgeous embroidered white boho dress is the stuff of my sparkle fairy hippie dreams, and any other day… maybe even tomorrow, I’d be over the moon for it, but today… today I am all about black satin and pink tulle. 
I’m also considering what types of shoes and tights would be best with my imaginary ensemble. I am leaning towards black lace tights and a really cute pair of black peeptoe wingtip heeled booties. Although, I also am thinking that it could be really cute with thigh-highs and an elaborate garter belt type situation too. I mean you wouldn’t see the whole rig-up, but just a little peek at the hemline would be great for visual interest.

One last thing, I’m not a huge fan of my natural god given freckles, but those glitzy gold ones could be fun to try out. I mean, maybe I’d go for a rose gold or something a little holo, but nonetheless, tres, tres cute.

Etsy Wishlist

To give you a tiny Chicago break, today I want to share with you my current Etsy wishlist. Right now I am feeling lots of color and sparkle, shocking I know. Nothing major, but items with character to complement what I already have. One of the things I love about trolling Etsy is that you always find unique items. My “favorites” list is ridiculously long. Don’t even get me started on my favorite shops list.

Pretty, right? That cartilage bling is calling my name especially loudly. The silver hoop I’ve been wearing for years (don’t worry I replace it regularly) has gotten caught on things a few times lately and I am starting to feel that something a bit more close fitting might be a little safer.

My Lush Addiction

My name is Julie, and I have a problem: I have a Lush addiction. It started out small, a bath bomb here and there, and then I started using the shower jellies. Before I knew it, I was forcing my friends and family to let me stop and shop every time we passed a store. I lost the ability to merely browse. Every in-store trip ended with one of their brown paper bags and a handful of samples. When I realized that I had caches of products stashed in both the guest and master bathrooms, I knew I had a problem.

Sadly, I am only slightly embellishing the situation. Lush is a great company; their products are cruelty free and vegan. I dearly wish we had one locally, so I could work there part time and get an employee discount. I’ve introduced many of my friends and family members to the wonder of their products, and now I am going to share a few favorite items with you.

1. Woosh Shower Jellie – One of my favorite products to use on those dreary hard to get moving mornings. The bright teal zingy citrus blend gives me the kick I need to knock that last bit of sleepy out of my head and get started with all that annoying adulting that the work week demands.


2.Beautiful Shower Gel – This is my go-to in the summer months. Rich lather, slightly fruity with a hint of spice; I get the moisturizing I need, and it leaves my skin softly scented. I was really impressed with how well this stuff works: I only need a dollop the size of a quarter to wash my entire body.
3. Fizzbanger Bath Bomb – My second favorite bath bomb. The cinnamon toffee scent is absolutely perfect for fall or winter, or when you want to crank down the thermostat and pretend that it’s fall or winter. Usually, the use of this bath bomb is accompanied by a mug of tea.
4. Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb – My favorite bath bomb. I try to keep at least two of these in the house at any time. The citrus scent is perfect for any time of year, and the confetti makes every bath feel like something special. This is my go-to recommendation for any first time bath bomb user.

4. New! Shampoo Bar – Occasionally, when I am under larger amounts of stress, my hair will start falling out. Not an ideal situation for anyone, but it’s even worse when you’re a woman. I picked this bar up during some major work drama last year, and it really did help encourage new growth and made the rest of my hair feel and look thicker. Fortunately, I haven’t needed it in a while, but I will be express shipping a bar to Tallahassee if I ever do.
5. Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar – This was an impulse buy that worked out incredibly well. On my last trip, I complemented the girl behind the counter on the shimmer she had on her arms and chest. She told me about the bar and then let me try a sample piece. I was delighted with the soft lavender scent and with how soft my skin was  (with none of that greasy residue that we all hate). Granted, I can’t really wear it to the office, but it is fun on the weekends.

If you aren’t already a Lush enthusiast, check out the store nearest to you or the company website. If  you are, I’d love to hear about which products you love best.