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Now That It’s Spring…

There is a whole list of things I want to do…


  1. Go to McClay Gardens
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Find a tree, spread a quilt and have a lazy afternoon of reading outside
  4. Buy the giant economy size of Claritin so I can fight the pollen
  5. Buy all the spring flowers
  6. Watch the cardinals build nests in the azalea bushes
  7. Break out my flip flops
  8. Brew some iced tea
  9. Bake a lemon loaf
  10. Find outdoor lights for the patio
  11. Make an Arnold Palmer with the aforementioned tea
  12. Get a pedicure so my sandaled feet don’t scare people
  13. Have brunch outside
  14. Have lunch outside
  15. Have dinner….you guessed it, outside
  16. Take advantage of all the beautiful spring veggies
  17. Get the grill up and working again
  18. Plan my birthday week
  19. Get a birthday tiara
  20. Pull my sundresses out of the back of the closet
  21. Plant two scarlet rose bushes
  22. Draw funny pictures in the pollen coating Andy’s car
  23. Get some butterfly plants for the front walk
  24. Take a walk around Lake Ella
  25. Grab and iced chai and watch the baby ducks


Image from here.

Things I Want to Try: Sun Printing



According to my friend Verhanika, it is the week of the new moon, which can leave one feeling contemplative and finding it hard to focus. Sounds so much better than distracted and moody. I feel so bad for Andy when I get like this. Poor guy, works all day and then has to come home to an overly dramatic wife that recognizes that she is being a bit ridiculous, but just can’t seem to stop. I guess knowing that I am being dramatic is a step in the right direction. And according to GI Joe, knowing is half the battle, so maybe even more than a single step in the right direction. Unless there are only two steps to the whole process and then it really would be a single step to be at half way. Usually there are more, 10 or 12 steps, but I digress. I’ve been working on a list of things I’d  like to try this summer, not goal per se , but something hanging out on the edge of my “to do” list. Sun printing is one of them, and fortunately for me Terrain has not only a kit available but a tutorial.

What You’ll Need

Cotton sun printing kit
Leaves, petals, or cuttings from the garden
Bright sunlight
Water for rinsing the fabric

1. Gather your favorite botanical specimens. We used sprigs of ferns and fresh leaves.

2. Arrange your specimens on the cotton in your desired pattern or design.  Place the cotton fabric in the sun for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to have your arrangement thought out ahead of time and try to work quickly, as the image begins to process as soon as the fabric is exposed to light.

3. Remove your botanicals from the cotton.

4. Rinse fabric in water until the water runs clear.

5. Allow to dry– remember that the image will continue to process even after it’s dry! Try hanging on a strand of twine as a banner as shown above, draping as bunting on the porch, or snipping into pennants for a festive addition to summer décor.

Want to learn more? We’ll be sun printing at both of our stores during the month of July. Stop by the Glen Mills and Westport events pages for details.

Tutorial and supplies from Terrain.

Do or Die

In case a “To Do” list isn’t motivational enough, here is a helpful “Do or Die” list to remind you or your significant other what needs to be done. Or maybe you could start with a “To Do” list and work your way up to the “Do or Die” list if an item isn’t checked off in a certain amount of time, or if there is a deadline. I’m not suggesting that you actually kill anyone, maybe the “or die” part is really more of a “or i’ll hide your Xbox controller”.

Do or Die List

Okay, I would never really do that to Andy. If I hid the controller, I wouldn’t be able to play either.

Image and product from Catbird.