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Stiletto Nails

Okay, so I am a pretty girly girl. I do the make up, the waxing (just the eyebrows!), I get regular pedicures, but I hardly ever do anything with my nails. I keep them super short and usually polish free. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of people rocking the stiletto nails and I thought, “maybe I’d like to do that.” You know, have fancy, slightly impractical nails that are maybe just a little scary. Originally I was going to go all in and get acrylics, but then the little voice in my head started reminding me how bad acrylics were for your nails and how I didn’t know if I was going to really be able to commit to these nails, so I thought, let’s go for some press-ons instead.

I felt like such a bad ass taking this back-lit photo with my purple sunglasses and my extra nails. Full disclosure, we were in a fairly nice restaurant and I am sure some of the other patrons were looking at me selfie-ing like “this bougie bitch”, but I only cared a tiny bit because I was feeling my nails. However, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the beginning…My search started at Ulta because I thought “surely Ulta is going to have my back – I KNOW I will find EXACTLY what I need there” at least that was how I sold it to my husband. They, however, not only did not have the stiletto nails; they had zero press on nails. At this point, I am trying to figure out how to sell going to another store to Andy since this was supposed to be a very brief outing, and I remember the Riley Rose literally across the street in the mall. So I start trying to spin this like this really great no stress alternative and Andy just gives in so I stop babbling.

We quick march through the crowded mall on the last Saturday before school starts at lunch time – let me tell you he earned some good husband points for this one. We finally get to the store, and I am approached by this adorably tiny salesgirl (who was rocking some killer black moon cosmetic lipstick). She offers to not only help me find the nail, but she has used this particular brand and gave it rave reviews. I dutifully go through all the different colors, but it was love at first sight with the black and red nails. Everything applied fairly easily – I did take a minute to figure out exactly what size needed to go on each finger and set them up in order so I couldn’t screw up the application, but all in all, I’d say I was done maybe 10ish minutes from opening the box.In my head, I kept thinking “just like the Louboutin heels!” – who cares that I can’t pick anything up!So how did they wear you might wonder? Well… it was an adjustment. I think going from almost no nails to super long nails was perhaps not the best idea, but I sort of got the hang of it. I will say, I did get quite a bit of attention from strangers when I was out. People loved them and just had to know where I got them done. I haven’t received this big a response on something since my hair was purple. It was a great conversation starter, and once I told people how easy it was, a lot of them were keen to try it out for themselves. I figured out typing faster than I thought I would; I just had to adjust my hands a bit, but taking my contacts out that night and putting them in the next morning? Easier than I thought, but still kind of scary. Andy refused to even be in the same room with me because it looked “creepy”.I even managed to dye my hair with the nails. At the end of this, I feel like I am still a short nail girl, but I would absolutely reapply these bad boys for a special occasion or if I just wanted to feel a little more glamorous. I’d also like to try a shorter version because I think I would be able to make that work a little better for me. So if you’re feeling like you want to look a little dangerous, you should definitely give these bad boys a try. And if you’d like to try the same brand, here is a link to their website.

Julie Vs. The Tiny House: Part 2

My first experience with a tiny house, was well… fun, but not something I felt would work long term for people as tall as Andy and myself. The second tiny house we tried was about twice the size of the first: still tiny, but with enough space to leave me thinking “yeah, I could absolutely do this!”

 Another Air BnB find, the Crooked Lake Tiny House, was such a wonderful place to stay. So nice in fact, that I have the listing bookmarked and saved in my Air BnB account for future use.   Interestingly enough, this place is located on the same lake as the neighborhood I grew up in, the opposite side, but theoretically I could look across the lake with a pair of binoculars, on a clear day, and see the edge of it.   Very clean in and modern in decor, Andy was absolutely in love. I think this is exactly what his home would look like if he didn’t have me throwing color and bits of this and that all over the place.  One of the most thoughtful hosts I’ve ever had. Our little welcome package basket had soap she had made herself, eggs from her chickens, and beverages to make sure we were hydrated after our long car ride and late arrival. She even set out solar lights to make sure we’d be able to see the turn for the tiny house and find the parking area in the dark.  I didn’t get a good picture of the loft (the listing has some if you want to check it out), but Andy and I quite enjoyed our “fort,” and although my mom did make the climb up the ladder once, she was more than happy to leave the space to us and claim the downstairs bedroom.  The kitchen was fantastic and had suprising amount of storage. We easily made both breakfast and late night snacks during our stay. The other thing that really set this place apart was the outdoor spaces. There was a fire pit, a really nice hammock for lounging, and a gorgeous little garden with fish pond. Our host even left us fish food so we could go out and give the fishes a bit of a snack when we felt like it. 

Not pictured is the turtle we saw walk up from the lake and lay her eggs in a hole under one of the lounge chairs. An amazing highlight to what was not the most enjoyable trip. I am really, really hoping to be able to come back someday when I have more time to spend. Also, I’d like to make some sketches because Andy and I are very much thinking of building ourselves a place like this somewhere down the road.