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Pretty Pumpkin Round Up

I know everyone went Halloween crazy weeks ago, but I am just now getting around to kicking off the holiday season. Currently, there are 6 tiny gourds (3 orange and 3 white) sitting on my dining room table awaiting their harvest themed spruce. There will be a traditional jack-o-lantern later on, but with the highs still in the 80’s and 90’s there is no way it would make it to Halloween if I carved it now. But back to the sprucing. There are a ridiculous number of “carving free” pumpkin decorating ideas out there, seriously, go to Pinterest type in “pumpkin” and see what happens, it’s insane. A bit of a DIY overload, but I sifted through pages and pages and settled on these six tutorials to draw inspiration from and put together a little round-up for those of you who are as behind as I am. Enjoy!

Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins

Pumpkin 1


Tiny Message Pumpkins

Pumpkin 2

Glitter & Floral Pumpkins

Pumpkin 3

Foliage Decoupage Pumpkins

Pumpkin 5

Pretty Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkin 4


Gilded Harvest Pumpkins

Pumpkin 6

I am looking forward to spending an evening binge watching some tbd show with my crafting supplies spread around me and a warm mug of tea at hand, but no where near my brush cup. I have accidentally “washed” my brushes in my beverage cup more times then I care to admit.


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I Want to Make It, and Make It Bigger!

This DIY Cat Rope Coil Basket (full tutorial here) by Henry Happened is so damn cute. Perfect for a crazy cat lady like myself. But in true crazy cat lady fashion I can’t just make the basket, I have to make it better, and by better I mean bigger. I need to make a rope coil tote bag! Sure it will be heavy, sure it’ll be unwieldy, but it would be ADORABLE! I could even make one for my mom!

Cat Basket 1 Cat Basket 2 Cat Basket 3

That is pretty much my mental dialog while I was reading through the tutorial. The tote bag idea came from the size of the basket I’d need to make to put one of my cats in it. They’re cute, but in no way dainty.


Images from Henry Happened.

Sexy Shoes: Double DIY

Even before I started Vylette, I loved blogs. There are so many interesting individuals who love crafting/fashion/diy/baking as much as I do, and reading their blogs was like having being able to enjoy my morning coffee with a friend. Vylette celebrated it’s two year blogoversary a couple months ago, and I read more blogs now than I ever have. I am constantly looking for inspiration and the creative give and take that forces you to expand your limits and try new things. One of my all time favorite blogs is Honestly…WTF. Lauren and Erica kick major blogging ass. They have new posts everyday, some times multiple times a day, and it’s a little of everything. I’ve shared a number of their DIY’s here on Vylette because they take it to a whole other level. Yes they do have some Holly Hobby-esqe tutorials, but most of their DIY’s are (to quote my husband) slick. It isn’t melting plactic tray with a hair dryer to “make” those earring that sort of look like the ones on the runway, they show you how to actually make the runway earrings.

Today I have links to two of their most recent tutorials on making some seriously sexy shoes. When I read these post I had the immediate “I have to make that” followed by an incredibly geeky and jealous ” I wanna be cool like that!” I could almost hate them if they weren’t so awesome!

Tassel Sandals

Shoes 1

Star Sandals

Shoes 2

Cookie Favors

I think party favors a such a great idea. They are the sprinkles on the party cupcake. Not only do you get to go have fun with people you know (or will know soon enough) you get a gift. It’s even better than going to a convention and loading up on all those free pens that you’ll never use. You know you love them.

I think this cookie favor tutorial is perfection, cute, easily portable and one size fits all.

chocolate chip cookie favors

This tutorial was created by Alana of Humunuku.via You Are My Fav.

chocolate chip cookie favors

To make your own you’ll need:

– white card stock
– knife
– ruler
– cellophane cookie bags
– string or ribbon
– waxed paper
– cookies

chocolate chip cookie favors

1. Print pdf at full resolution and use crop marks to cut out squares.
2. Cut waxed paper in the same sized squares as your designed cards. (About 4.5″)
3. Place waxed square over patterned square and slip into cellophane cookie bags.

chocolate chip cookie favors

chocolate chip cookie favors

chocolate chip cookie favors

4. Fill each bag with a cookie & seal bags by folding adhesive flap to the back.
5. Using a string or ribbon adorn each bag as your wish. I tied a bow to each one with black string. Simple and delicious.

chocolate chip cookie favors

chocolate chip cookie favors

And now I need to go make some chocolate chip cookies…

Images from here.

DIY Ear Cuff

I have a fondness for things that sparkle. It doesn’t have to be diamonds or gemstones, I am just as happy with glass, crystal or rhinestones. When I saw the most recent Jewelry DIY by the ladies at Honestly…WTF, I felt like they had made this tutorial just for me.


You’ll need:


Start by hammering the hallow gold tube flat. Use the flatnose pliers to flatten and even out the texture.


Pull the working surface off the edge of a table. Pierce a hole and push the earring post through the working surface. Squeeze a dollop of E6000 onto a disposable spoon.


Use a toothpick and apply a generous amount of glue onto the flat post. Glue on the flattened curved piece. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes before applying more glue and attaching the shorter rhinestones to the post. Use the pliers and toothpick to help maneuver the rhinestones. Allow to dry.


Add more glue along the curved piece and add the longer rhinestones, one piece at time and in an alternating pattern.


Use the toothpick to add glue along the sides of the rhinestones each time for extra hold. Dry overnight.


Use wire cutters to trim away the excess metal. Check for any potentially loose pieces and add more glue.


Allow to dry for at least another day before wearing.


And be sure to back it with a stabilizer clutch to help keep the ear cuff from drooping!


I haven’t tried it out yet, I am hunting down grey/clear black crystals and sliver/gunmetal settings, but I most definitely want to make it before the holiday season. I think it would be a great piece to wear to parties.

Images and tutorial by HonestlyWTF