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Dream Weavers

This feature from How to Spend It entitled Dream Weavers┬áis perfection. It is glaring bright and oppressively hot here right now, and the idea of napping safely surrounded by the dark cool water sounds wonderful, you know, if I wouldn’t drown and all.

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I really miss having access to a pool. Sunburns and damaged hair color aside, I used to spend quite a bit of time, almost daily, in the water during the warmer months.

You can find the “making of” video here.

Getting in Deep

Life may be a little crazy right now, it seems like 2014 is bound and determined to start off with a bang, but I enjoy a nice peaceful moment when I looked at this photo series Underwater Walkers. I learned how to swim when I was very small, and I loved floating on my back and watching the sky. You could see everything that was happening, but the water muted the sounds and everything became mellow white noise….until my brother decided to splash me or practice his cannonball right next to where I was floating. Oh the joys of younger siblings.

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