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Headpieces, Veils and Updos Oh My!

It’s starting to hit me that my wedding is only a little over three months away.  We’ve gotten so much of the planning done already, but there is still so much more to do.  Little details like menu cards, table assignments and favor boxes still need to be taken care of.  I keep having visions of my batchlorette party consisting of all my friends, me and a stamp set, filling boxes with cinnamon almonds and labeling them.

One of the simplest, yet most frustrating problems I have is I can’t decide on how I want to wear my hair.   It didn’t really bother me until my wedding day stylist, an amazingly talent friend named Lucy, asked me what I was planning to do with my hair. Did I want to have an updo? Was I going to wear my veil? And exactly how long was my hair now?  I had that moment of panic where all I could think was, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I DON’T KNOW!”.   The length issue is simple enough, all I had to do was look in the mirror, but the other answers are not as easy.  Here are some of the looks I’ve been considering.

Since my hair is only a little longer than shoulder length, some adjustments will have to be made, but it seems like the direction is something messy, partially up, with a veil for the ceremony and some quickly pinned flowers for the reception. Of course I have a couple months to change my mind……