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Pretty Pretty Dresses

The gowns from the Valentino Fall 2013 collection remind me of tea time. A very posh and expensive tea service to be sure, but high tea none the less. Porcelain inspired patterns and lace, the simple cuts accentuating the complex patterns and sumptuous colors. I can’t decide which style I like more. I am a huge sucker for floral patterns and delicate lace, but the solid sapphire and ruby dresses are so rich looking.

Fall 13 Valentino 2 Fall 13 Valentino 1 Fall 13 Valentino 3 Fall 13 Valentino 5 Fall 13 Valentino 9 Fall 13 Valentino 6Fall 13 Valentino 4 Fall 13 Valentino 7

The rest of fall collection is very attractive, but I am far more interested in gowns than I’ll ever be day to day wear. Mentally is goes something like, “Blah, blah, blah, just show me the pretty dresses!”

All images from Vogue.com

Awesome News, Valentino and Ballet?!

I got some exciting news last night, I am now part of the Ruche Blogger Family! They sent me an email yesterday to let me know that my post about wedding planner advice is being featured today! So click right >here< and go check it out. I am absolutely thrilled, I am a huge fan of Ruche, they have wonderful clothing and accessories, and their recent expansion into bridal and children’s garments is absolute perfection. Don’t forget to take a look around while your on their site, the cold weather is coming and you might just find something you have to have for this autumn. Now to the real post!

This year, the New York City Ballet‘s Fall Gala featured breathtakingly beautiful dance ensembles by legendary designer Valentino. 16 hand crafted, original designs with couture details.  The costumes while predominately black and white, were finished off with splashes of the signature Valentino red.

I spent a lot of time running in a tutu and “ballet slippers” when I was younger, heck even now I love a good tulle skirt, just look a my Pinterest boards. And while knowing the five different foot positions is about as far as my ballet skills go, it is one of those things that will always be mysterious, elegant, and oh so grown up to me.

Images from here, here and here.

Pretty Dresses

Normally i’m not really interested in reviewing a designer’s collection.  I feel bad picking apart someone’s vision, especially since I wouldn’t really want it done to me.  But occasionally there is something so amazing, so fabulous it make me squeal on the inside and I just have to show other people.  The long dresses that floated down the runway of the Valentino 2012 Resort collection being one of them.

Pastels , flowers and beading oh my! While I was looking at the collection, my inner monologue went something like this, “I want that! No, wait I want that. Look look, BEADS!” Needless to say I A) wish I had the funds to afford one of these beautiful dresses, B) wish I could actually fit into one of these dresses, and C) wish that adult women could have Mad Hatter style tea parties and wear dresses like this on a regular basis.

Images from Style.com