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Sweet Pea Cafe

This past weekend I finally got around to trying out our local vegan restaurant Sweet Pea Café. I’ve been hearing about Sweet Pea on and off now for a couple of years, but I always came up with a reason not to drive across town. Now I am kicking myself, I could have been eating the AMAZING food from this place for YEARS!

SP2 SP10 SP7We got there right as they opened on Saturday; we choose to go on the weekend since they add a couple specialty brunch items to the menu. While we waited for our order, I had the chance to poke around the tiny indoor dining space. The outdoor patio area is about twice the size of the inside, so if the weather is nice, we’ll probably eat out there next time.

SP9 SP13 SP14 SP11 SP12

The entire place was very laid back, the kind of place you can feel equally comfortable running in and out of for a quick bite or spending a couple hours savoring coffee and a good book.  Bottles of fresh flowers and herbs adorned the vintage booths, the table tops were covered in colorful mosaics and the walls were coved in local art and flyers for different community events or volunteer opportunities.


To the good stuff now, the food. The food, was…just…wow. We ordered a brunch special with cheezy grits, tofu scramble, mixed skillet potatoes and local greens and the Falawesome (a falafel wrap) with the house fries. The special was initially supposed to be mine, and it was really good, but then Andy let me have a bite of his wrap… and that was it. We traded, my idea, but Andy was completely fine with it because A – he loves greens and B – the wrap had a lot of onion, and Andy has a slight allergy. But the wrap, the wrap! I could eat that wrap every day and never get tired of it. It poses quite the dilemma for our next visit. Do I get the wrap again or do I try one of the other interesting menu options like the Spicy Tofu BLT, The Tempei Rueben or the Buffalo Fried Cauliflower? What’s a girl to do?