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A Little Strange for a Monday…

But what can you do? It’s Monday, I have so much to get done at the office, so many errands to run after work and what am I thinking about? Dip dyed menus. Seriously, grocery lists, appointment times and wondering what excuse I can use to make these. Hmmmm, what about Easter Brunch in APRIL. Julie, what are you doing? If you can’t focus I’m not going to let you have any more coffee. Now go put on the big girl pants and focus or no afternoon caffeine jolt, I mean it….. I can be so unfair sometimes.

Veg Dye 1-Juice your vegetable of choice
-Dip in vinegar for a more saturated effect
-Use a thinner like nail polish remover or terpantine
-Experiment by dipping into different colors and thinner – going back and forth for a varied effect
-Allow papers to dry overnight
-Place a heavy weight on top of menus in case of curlingVeg Dye 2 Veg Dye 3 Veg Dye 4 Veg Dye 5 Veg Dye 6

I am tempted to use this technique on stationary, but I am worried about when/if they dyes go bad. I’ve used vegetables to dye fabric before and it works wonderfully, but since you can’t wash paper I’ll probably do some additional research before making something to keep longer than a couple of days.

Images and tutorial from Sunday Suppers.