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I Bought Fake Boobs, and I Liked It

Before you get too excited, I should clarify – I did not get surgery; my new enhanced assets are the result of the  Victoria Secret Bombshell. As many of you who read this blog regularly know, I have had to make some serious lifestyle changes for my health this year. A fringe benefit from the new diet guidelines and the daily stretching exercises is that I have lost some weight. Unfortunately, my body decided that my breasts were the first thing to go. I’ve never been what you would call “busty”, but I was a pretty solid C. Now not only am I much smaller, I am noticeably uneven.

It’s vain to let something like cup size dictate how you feel about yourself, but honestly, the whole situation left me feeling embarrassed and decidedly unfeminine. I was shopping for an event a few months ago, and I found the perfect ensemble. The only issue was that I was no where close to filling out the top. After some back and forth-ing over whether to purchase the garment, I decided that I couldn’t pass it up, and I’d just figure out a way to get bigger boobs. After some online research,  I ended up at Victoria Secret because their Bombshell bra promised to make you look 2 cup sizes fuller.


I started my store visit off by talking to one of the sales associates; I told her about my problem and what I wanted. She helped me find not only the bra I had come in for, but a few other styles that I might like. My husband had come with me for moral support, and he assured me that, while I was noticeably larger, it wasn’t in a way that looked unnatural.

I decided to wear my new bra for a full day the week before the event, just to make sure that it was comfortable, and I loved it! My clothes fit better, my waist looked smaller, and my confidence was much higher than it had been in a while. I have since purchased an additional Bombshell (I went for a basic black since my first one was a nude), and I am probably going to buy more so I don’t have to do laundry as often. As far as I am concerned, the expense is worth every penny.

Side Note: This post is in now way supposed to posit that a woman’s worth or feeling about her self should be dictated by chest size. This is my personal journey and my feeling on a product that I never knew I “needed”. I have not received any compensation for this post.


All images from Victoria Secret.